29 October 2014

A Snippet From My Own Mini Perfumery

For me, deciding on what perfume to wear is as difficult as picking a colour to paint my nails, what shoes to wear with that outfit or as hard as deciding on what to have for dinner!

I tend to pick my perfume on my mood and the weather, as well as the time of day/year and my plans. I've always wanted to be one of those people who have a signature scent, the one that other people smell and instantly think of you, the one you repurchase no matter what. However the one tiny (huge) problem with this is that I love all perfumes so I could never settle on just one! There's far too many out there and I'm just too indecisive. Although my boyfriend believes otherwise! He does think I have a signature scent, he told me that whenever he smells it in a shop or when a woman walks past him wearing it, he instantly thinks of me. I suppose it could be described as 'my scent' as it is my all time favourite and I wear it in the evenings, for special events and mostly throughout the winter (its quite a heavy smell so not summer suitable). Its the perfume I've repurchased most over the years and I will continue to do so and it has a much loved spot on my dressing table along with all my other bottles. The perfume I'm talking about is Chanel no5. Some people may find it too overpowering or more suited for an older woman but I think its an iconic perfume with such a beautiful heady aroma. I think every girl should have her go to Chanel perfume and mine is definitely no5.

This is my absolute go to for special events and especially around Christmas time as well as throughout the colder months. For my 13th birthday my mum, who I adore more than anything, handed me a beautifully gift wrapped box and inside there was my very first bottle of Chanel no5! Since that day this perfume has always made me feel special when wearing it and each year my lovely family or wonderful boyfriend will get me a new bottle for my birthday or Christmas just in time as the previous bottle is running out. As you can see, I'm very near the end so I may have to purchase a small bottle from Duty Free when I go away this Christmas!

Next is another strong favourite of mine that I also reserve for special events, but this time for all year round. This was a gift from my boyfriend for my 21st birthday earlier this year.He took a real gamble as I'd never smelt it before but he said he loved the smell and could imagine it on me, so he took the plunge and purchased it and I couldn't be happier! The bottle is beautiful, it reminds me of Snow White and her apple, and the smell is divine. Its very fruity but has a big hit of amber that gives the fragrance a lot of depth and sensuality. Its so very special to me that I don't use it too often as I don't want it to run out! Its a smell that lasts for such a long time that I find I only top it up once, possibly twice, throughout an evening just to freshen up. I highly recommend this perfume for anyone looking for a special gift for someone. This perfume is Cartier Delices.

Whenever I'm struggling to decide on what perfume to wear I'll pick Viktor& Rolf Flowerbomb. This perfume goes with everything and is such an addictive smell that I will wear it most days. Each spray is like a bouquet of sensations with its floral top notes and bases notes of patchouli and jasmine.

These are my 3 most used day to day perfumes. I'll always have one of these in my handbag during the week at work, they are light fun and fresh smells that are ideal for every day wear. The first is Juicy Couture Malibu with the most obvious notes being pink passion fruit and jasmine. The second is Marc Jacobs Lola which is a very warm floral perfume with very powerful signature notes of peonies (which are my all time favourite flower!). The last is Agent Provocateur L'agent which is surprisingly fresh and light, its not the most long lasting but its so lovely that I don't mind topping up a few times throughout the day. The best way to describe the smell would be oriental floral.

I hope you enjoyed this post, I'm hoping to add a few new perfumes to my collection this Christmas so I'll be sure to do an updated post at some point. I've got my beady eyes on Balenciaga Florabotanica, Gucci Premiere and I'm really hoping to re purchase Christian Dior Pure Poison, I've only ever had the pleasure of a small bottle as part of a Dior travel collection and I loved it so much I would really love a bigger bottle!

Are there any perfumes on your Christmas lists for Santa this year? xoxo


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