22 October 2014

Winter Lip Picks

Now that October is nearly over(!!) I feel it's time to swap out my summer brights for my favourite autumn/winter lip colours. Being that I am OBSESSED with lipstick I thought that this would be a good first post, I mean I probably have more lipsticks than lost bobby pins! I love love love lipsticks, all shades and all finishes, I am forever adding to my ever growing collection. It's not like a girl can ever have too many lipsticks (sorry bank balance)!

First things first, lets talk about chapped lips: I suffer a lot with chapped lips in the colder months and its something I'm always struggling with so I've always made sure that I have a Carmex or Vaseline pot in my handbag. Recently my new fav lip lip balms are the EOS lip balm balls, they smell incredible and work so well! However if I want something with a pop of colour, I'll go for one of my trusted Baby Lips. Again, they smell good and work really well and they're tinted so they leave such a nice sheer colour on your lips.

EOS lip balm ball in Lemon Drop

Maybelline Baby Lips in Cherry Me

Now moving on to lipsticks...

If I'm wanting a fun day time lip then I would go for any of the below:

Clinique Chubby Stick in no 16 Voluptuous Violet. The first application of this comes out as more of a tinted balm however it is so easy to build up the colour and you can really play around with the layers and see what suits you best.

Yves Rocher in no 12 Marron Glace. This was a wonderful item in a Birchbox a few months ago and is now a non mover in my make up bag, it's great for work as its a much more neutral colour and not too pigmented. I also love it as its great for blending and mixing with other colours, if I'm wanting to tone down a bright colour or just mix things up a bit then I'll add a slick of this and I've always loved the outcome.

Me Me Me Cherubs Blush Cheek and Lip Tint. This came in to my life via a Glossybox last year and I was slightly disappointed at first as I'm not a fan of cheek tints. My skin just doesn't agree with them and it was far too dark for me to be trying to blend on my cheeks. I do however absolutely love it on my lips, its got great staying power, doesn't bleed and you can control how light or dark you want it to be depending on how much you layer.

Now on to evening wear/very exciting day wear.

Calvin Klein Lip Pot in 22306 Ultimate Edge. I would describe this little pot of wonder as a stain, a little goes a long way and it is very pigmented and does not budge!

Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture Golden Lustre no 110. I'm not generally a fan of YSL lipsticks as I find them to be a bit too sheer and the staying power leaves a lot to be desired. However I just couldn't resist the colour and I was pleasantly surprised with this product, I'm mainly using it for work for when I'm wanting a bit more of a playful make-up look. Its such a lovely colour but it does need a few coats to reach the desired look. I do find that I'm touching it up frequently but its definitely one of the best YSL lipstick I've used.

Tom Ford no 10 Cherry Lush. This is possibly one of my all time favourite lipsticks, it's most definitely my favourite Tom Ford lipstick in my collection and I absolutely recommend this! The colour is divine, it lasts all evening and is such a special lipstick to have in your bag. I know the price tag can be a bit off putting but I recommend this so much, it is so worth the money and every girl needs a classic red!

Chanel Rogue Coco in no 21 Rivoli. This is my darkest lipstick and I purchased it last Christmas along with a matching nail varnish (Lotus Rouge) on a shopping trip with my lovely friend Jade (http://www.leadingladybeauty.co.uk/) it is such a beautiful evening lipstick, one coat gives your lips the most delicious dark berry colouring. Chanel lipsticks are my ultimate favourite, I have about 9 so far in a range of reds, pinks and neutrals and all in a variety of finishes. Even if it takes me a million years, I will not stop until I have every single shade and finish!! I am a woman obsessed when it comes to Chanel but more so when it comes to Chanel and Lipstick!

Hope you enjoyed this post. Until next time xoxo


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