02 November 2014

Fall For This

Now that autumn is in full swing and we're creeping closer to full on winter, I've decided to do a non beauty related post and instead share will you my two favourite A/W purchases.

I decided to have a nice relaxing weekend at home as I've got a lot of busy weekends coming up, I thought it would be nice to spend some quality time with the family. The weekend consisted of scenic country walks, a local pub lunch accompanied by a few G&T's and I then dragged my mum off for a bit of shopping. I've also had a productive time at home, I had a big clear out of my wardrobe and have cleared so much space, it always feels so good to have a good clear up and a de clutter!

As we're now in November I thought it appropriate to use this weekend for my new winter scarf's first outing! I went out and got this scarf from Zara a month or so ago, basically as soon as it came out in stores, but I haven't really thought the weather has been cold enough to wear it yet. I love it its so beautiful and warm; it really is the perfect autumn/winter scarf! Absolutely ideal for keeping warm on cold rainy days like today. Look at how snugly it is!

Now that the weather is getting colder (and we're getting closer to Christmas!!!!!) it's time to start experimenting with all of the winter accessories! Teamed with my Zara scarf I decided to also try out my new Hunter ankle boots. I purchased these a few months ago as I didn't have any welly type shoes nor ankle boots with amazing grip and knew that these would be a necessity for my winter wardrobe.

I'm going to New York with my boyfriend for Christmas (very very exciting!) and I needed something weather appropriate in case of crazy snow/torrential rain, these seemed like the perfect shoe. I'm really not a fan of big tall clumpy traditional wellies (I just don't think they're flattering for me) so I searched around for something a bit different but something that essentially did the same job. I'm so pleased I got these as they are so comfy and warm and the grip on them is so good, I'm definitely not going to be face planting over any ice or snow this year!!

The scarf can be found online here: Zara Checked Scarf
I couldn't actually find the boots online any more but I purchased them from The Outnet and they have lots of other lovely Hunters in stock at the moment: Hunters

Have you made any staple winter purchases yet? If so, I'd love to hear about them! xoxo


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