29 November 2014

Too Faced or IT Lash?

Now when it comes to make up, besides lipstick, I am a mascara fiend! I'm always on the hunt for the perfect mascara and have come across some really disappointing ones along the way (I'm looking at you Eyeko!!) but I've also found some wonderful ones and I think I've even found my holy grail mascara!

You may remember that a few weeks ago I purchased the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara with high hopes! I've been using it on and off for a few weeks and I've got to be honest here, I'm indifferent about it. Its a good mascara but has a few downfalls and I can't really see myself purchasing it again.

I purchased Dior Addict IT Lash a few months ago and fell in love with it instantly. Its not the cheapest of mascaras so I have been on the lookout to see if I can find a drug store alternative but I honestly haven't found it. I've just ordered a new IT lash and I'm pretty certain at this point that it is my holy grail mascara. 9 years of mascara wearing and I've finally found it!! It delivers everything you want in a mascara; length, volume, thickness, curl, definition and no clumps!

First up to show you is the Too Faced Better Than Sex, its a very wet mascara and it can get quite messy when putting it on. Due to how wet it is it's not the easiest of things to layer up as it just starts looking clumpy :( it does definitely give the volume and length it promises and I could see that from the very first application but you just have to be so careful with it as it does honestly go EVERYWHERE! and you have to wait a good few minutes after apply to ensure its dry. It feels very heavy on the eye but luckily your lashes are still rather soft, so no fear of snapping there!

Next we have Dior Addict IT Lash in 'It-Black'. The thing I love most about this mascara is that you can layer and layer to make your ideal look and it doesn't get clumpy or heavy at all. 1-2 coats are perfect for day time but then you can just keep adding for a more voluminous look and your eyes look ready for a night out. The tiny bristles capture each lash so no one gets left behind and it works really well at ensuring the lashes are fanned out in ascending length, making sure that you don't have a 'spider leg' lashes next to 'hobbit' lashes or that you end up looking like you have about 4 eyelashes in total due to clumping!

Looking at the comparison here the Too Faced side (on the right) looks a lot darker but less even in outcome, whereas the Dior (on the left) looks very evenly fanned and not as severe. I spent the exact same amount of time on each eye and made sure that I used the same amount of coats. Like I said earlier, the Dior is perfect for layering up and it can definitely look as dark as the Too Faced with one or two more layers than what I am wearing here.

The brush of the Too Faced its not my cup of tea at all, I never really go for the big thick brushes as I find them too messy and wet (much like the Benefit Bad Gal, that was a mascara definitely not for me!) I had read a lot that the Too Faced mascara was more like Benefits They're Real so I was excited to try it but it's honestly nothing like it (although its almost as difficult to remove!)

The comb brush on the Dior is perfect for me and the small bristles at the end pick up all the tiny lashes. In that respect this mascara is more like the They're Real but the outcome is rather different in my opinion. I do like They're real but find it too difficult to remove and it makes my eyelashes rock solid which is something I definitely do not find with IT-Lash!

The price difference between the two isn't too much, Better Than Sex will set you back £19 (or £17.10 this weekend, thanks Black Friday!) and IT- Lash will set you back £22.00 (or £19.80 this weekend).

I love love love Too Faced for their eye-shadow pallets, brushes and face powders but I'm afraid to say that I can't see myself branching out in to their mascaras again. I love everything in the Dior make-up (and perfume!) range and am very happy to have found my favourite mascara :)

I also wanted to let you know about a new lip addition, I'm wearing it today in these pictures and I just absolutely love it! Its from the MUA Velvet Lips range and the colour is Tranquillity. The colour is an orange/peachy/beigey nude (as you can tell it's difficult to describe the colour haha). It applies like a gloss but dries quickly to a velvety matte finish and it has super staying power. I got mine from Superdrug and it only costs £3!! The next colour on my hit list to purchase is Reckless, a gorgeous dark burgundy.

I hope you enjoyed this post, if you've used either mascaras or the MUA velvet lips I'd love to hear your opinions :)

Have a lovely weekend xoxo


  1. Chhhloooowwweeeeeee! I loved this post :) xxxxxx

    1. Jadeeeeeeeeeee :) Thank you very much! Hope you're having a superrr evening! xxxxxx


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