23 November 2014

Weekend Shenanigans

Another weekend, another shopping trip! Friday and Saturday have been spent in London town hunting down the best Christmas light displays and Christmas windows, Harrods always come out on top in my opinion! Nothing can ever really beat their outside store lights, all of the magnificent window displays and the decorations inside! I love all of the lights down Regents Street, as well as Selfridges and then of course the tree and ornaments in Covent Garden. For a more relaxed vibe, we like to head over to Sloane Square/ Chelsea for dinner, the lights in that part of town are always minimalist but still very beautiful and well done.

Shopping wise, we stayed mainly on Regents street as we have the staples such as Zara, H&M, &other stories, and then we also have Molton Brown, Longchamp, Hamleys, L'Occitane and another fav of mine, Karl Lagerfeld. Purchases were made in Longchamp and Molton Brown, both are gift wrapped so I'll have to do a separate post on them in a few weeks time. Tom was very lovely and purchased me two gifts that he knew I'd been coveting for a while and he said that they are early Christmas presents that I can take to New York, how lovely is he?! :) The first is a new Longchamp handbag (the perfect flight bag) and the second is a hand cream set from Molton Brown who also always give you samples to try which is so lovely.

I also couldn't go shopping and not hit up Primark! The perfect place to stock up on every day essentials and jewelry. I also picked up a few items from Lush and H&M.

I'm slowly starting to accumulate festive items to be worn in December and when I saw this set, I just couldn't resist! I can't find it on the website but the price for the set is £3.99.

We went to Lush and I had my heart set on getting the Latte Lip Tint, my friend Lia purchased this a month or so ago and she wore it to work and I just absolutely fell in love with it! It leaves such a lovely bronze/rose gold shimmer on the lips and can be layered on top of any lipsticks to give a more festive feel. It smells divine as well so that's always a bonus! I also picked up a new Bubblegum Lip Scrub, the best product for sorting out chapped lips! We went to the till and they have an offer where you donate £1 to their charities and you get a free sample of the Charity Pot hand and body cream. I'm a big advocate for Lush and their animal, human rights and environmental charities so we were more than happy to donate :)

In Primark I picked up a few essential items such as face wipes, hair ties, hair grips and some awesome pants that have pugs on! I needed a new pair of plain flats for work and I decided to get them in a lovely mulberry colour, which makes such a nice change from black, I even got a matching colour vest top! The face wipes cost £1 for a double pack and the hair ties and grips cost £1 each. The shoes are £6, the vest £2 and the pants £1.50.

I also picked up this gorgeous necklace that I've been hunting down for a good 1/2 months! I first came across the necklace when Jade (Leading Lady Beauty) purchased it and then it started popping up all over the place and I NEEDED it in my life! Every Primark I went to never had it in store and then last month I found the necklace all by its lonesome in the Brighton store but it had a big gem missing :( Luckily I managed to find it this weekend and it went straight in my basket! I was then super happy to find some matching earrings and can't wait to wear them for the party season! The necklace is £6 and the earrings £2.50.

I hope everyone has had a lovely weekend :)

Can you actually believe that next week is the last week of November!! This year has gone crazily fast but I am so excited for Christmas, it is without a doubt my favourite time of year...as I type this I'm sitting with Tom listening to a fab Christmas playlist on YouTube (there are some really cringe songs on there but that makes the playlist so much better!!) and cooking a veggie roast dinner. Absolute bliss!

I hope you're all getting in to the Christmas spirit and having a lovey Sunday :) xoxo



  1. Love love love this post Chlo :) and everything you got! Those earrings are gorgeous!! Xxxxxx

  2. Thanks lovely :) so happy I finally found that necklace, finally we can match haha ;) xxxxxxx

  3. looks like you had super fun shopping time! nice purchases!
    following you on bloglovin' and twitter. hope you'll look for me too. see you around!

    a possible fantasy

    1. Thanks for reading :) I've just followed you back on both! hope you're having a lovely day xxx


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