08 March 2015

Time To Clean

We all spend hours upon hours browsing make-up brushes to find out what the best brush is for applying our foundation, concealer, powder, for contouring, for our lips, all the eye brushes needed to achieve your favourite look, the list goes on and on and on. There are just so many brushes out there and if you're anything like me, your collection of brushes just keeps growing and growing!

Despite how many brushes we have we need to be remembering to give them a good clean! Some people recommend once a week, once a month, twice a month etc, I personally think once a month is fine but I tend to wash my most used (mainly foundation) more often as they are the ones that get clogged up most frequently.

When we use our brushes bits of make-up and bacteria from our face can get trapped in the bristles. This means that the more you use your brushes, the more stuff is getting trapped and then swirled about your face which isn't a very pleasant thought as this can lead to clogged pores and annoying breakouts (I wan't to go and have a good face scrub now!).

Ensuring that you are properly cleaning your brushes regularly is the best way to protect them, lets be honest they aren't always the cheapest make-up item, some brushes can cost between £60-£80 so we'd be silly to not look after them and protect our investment (in our brushes and our faces).

What I use:

  1. A small bowl or Tupperware pot
  2. Johnson's baby shampoo
  3. A towel

There's so many specific brush cleaners/shampoos out there from our favourite make-up brands but I much prefer to use a baby shampoo as it does just as much of a good job (sometimes better!)

The first thing I do is fill up my bowl with lukewarm water and pour a bit of the baby shampoo in and let it fill up to a slight lather.

The next thing to do is run the brushes individually under lukewarm water from the tap for about a minute, this is to rinse out the leftover make-up. Sometimes the water will run clear whilst you are doing this and sometimes it will change colour, don't worry too much about this yet. While you are doing this try as hard as you can to just focus on the bristles as getting the actual handle/body of the brush wet can loosen the glue holding the head to the body.

Once this part is done I take each brush and gently swirl the tip of the bristles around in the bowl of water and shampoo. To ensure the solution gets in to all the bristles I swirl the brush on the palm of my hand for a few seconds, I find this really helps to lather up the product on the brush. 

I then rinse each brush tip under lukewarm water from the tap until the water runs clear and the solution is completely rinsed off the brush. If I have a really mucky brush then I'll repeat the previous step and will rinse again.

Once the water runs clear on all of the brushes, I wipe them clean with a corner of a towel and reshape the bristles as I find they sometimes end up in really strange positions! Once reshaped I lay them flat on the dry part of the towel to dry, I tend to leave them overnight so I would recommend doing your make-up for the day before cleaning your brushes :)

I know that this is so basic but I find it works perfectly for my brushes! I've often found that when using a specific brush cleaner I end up with loads of leftover residue on my brushes and just have to clean them again which isn't ideal! Now I'm off to clean the rest of my brushes, what a riveting Sunday afternoon ;) 

Let me know if you have any great brush cleaning tips :) xoxo


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