19 May 2015

Favourite Lipstick Brand | Hello Chanel

Its no secret that I have a deep deep love for Lipsticks, and I also have a deep deep love for Chanel. Combine the two and well things take a turn for the worse for my purse but a turn for the better for my make up collection!

Amongst my Chanel selection on my dressing table I have 7 lipsticks, consisting of pinks, reds and nudes. Some are staple every day colours and some are for a stronger or more vibrant make up look. They are definitely very versatile and can suit any event, mood, outfit or occasion. I currently have 5 of the Rogue Coco Ultra Hydrating Lip Colours, 1 Rogue Allure Velvet Luminous Matte Lip colour and 1 Rogue Allure Luminous Intense Lip Colour.

I love Chanel lipsticks, there are so many different shades and textures, each one just as gorgeous as the last. I can't wait to add to my collection, although it's always near impossible to pick just one colour!!

(L-R: L'Eclatante, Rivoli, Mademoiselle, Gabrielle, Le Baiser, Paradis, Seduisante)

My absolute favourite at the moment is my newest addition and that is Seduisante, it is such a perfect pinky nude colour that just looks so classic with any look.

I'm very excited about the new range that has just landed, the revamped Chanel Rogue Coco!
Ultra Hydrating New Texture for Nourished Lips and Comfort

There is such a cute quiz that you can take on the Chanel website that determines what colour suits you best from the new range. Obviously it's all down to your own personal preference but if you're anything like me, Chanel will always have the final word! From the quiz my colour came out as Emilienne and it actually looks like such a gorgeous violet colour, I'm very pleased with my results!

The ingenious idea with this new range is that each shade was inspired by the close friends of Mademoiselle Chanel, those who simply called her Coco. The 24 inspired shades are paired with each name, some names are so delicate and others are very striking, on the website each lipstick has a small 'bio' about the woman behind the lipstick. 

Original and alluring , for creative individuals ready to take the lead, inspired by music hall artist Emilienne D'Alencon, whose independent spirit led her to be one of the first to wear Chanel
I'll definitely be saving my pennies to purchase Emilienne! Here are some of the others that have caught my eye:

Let me know if you have a favourite colour or if there are any that you have your beady eyes on too :) xoxo


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  1. Loved this post chlo! That lipstick collection... Urm! I only own one Chanel gloss, I think I need to get me a lipstick lol xxxx


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