14 May 2015

Holiday Haul

Bonjour! I hope you're all having a good week so far. Apologies for not posting before I flew off to the South of France to lie in the sun for a week (why I don't get to do it every week I'll never know). I had every intention of getting a post up but as always the run up to going on holiday is CRAZY! I was sorting out stuff at work and packing at home and having to do last minute online orders and then running to Tescos to get toiletries and then realising I hadn't painted my nails and then needing to decide on a colour and oh the list goes on for the pre holiday stress. Luckily all went OK and I didn't have a full on meltdown (only a mini one at the airport when I over packed my handbag and couldn't carry it anymore....I did have a slight diva moment which I'm not proud of).

Instead of boring you with pictures of the beach, the sea, the boats, the cocktails, because lets be honest, who would want to see that?! Definitely not me ;) (I have severe post holiday blues and whilst sitting here typing this up on my lunch break at work, I think if I started flicking through my holidays snaps I may just jump out the window and run to Gatwick airport!)

I did manage to spare an hour or two for a bit of shopping during the trip (much to the boyfriends dismay). I started off at the Airport...naturally! You can't expect me to walk through duty free and not buy anything! I picked myself up a new perfume which I was so excited about, the new Giorgio Armani SI perfume which smells incredible. It's so sweet and light but not in a sickly way, its very fresh and floral which I love. My only negative is that it really doesn't last very long on my skin which is seriously upsetting!

At the airport I also purchased a duo pack from Yves Saint Laurent of the Touché Éclat and the Volume Effect Faux Cils mascara.

I needed a new mascara and had been recommended the new YSL one by a friend who recently purchased it in the airport and I found it in a duo and was instantly sold! I also needed a new Touché in a slightly darker colour as the weathers heating up and there's no denying that it is a make up bag staple! The mascara is so so so good, it instantly lengthens, curls and volumises lashes and can be layered so easily without going clumpy. I haven't had the best luck with YSL mascaras in the past but this was a dream, even after wearing it for a few hours my eyelashes were soft to touch and then when it came to removing, the product came off so easily. I'm very impressed with this mascara and definitely recommend it! The offer in Duty Free at the moment for the pack with the Touché Éclat and the Mascara is £39.15, considering the individual prices of these amazing products I was really pleased with the offer.

Shopping in Cannes is always lovely however my bank balance can't facilitate shopping along the Boulevard de la Croissette no matter how hard I want for it so we wandered up and down the Rue d'Antibes (a less aggressive and narrower version of Oxford Street). On our final day we made a few purchases that I'm so happy with and I'm certain that if I had enough space in my suitcase, I would've done way more damage! Looking over my purchases now I'm feeling rather proud that I didn't go OTT...which can very easily be done!

The main shop I was most excited about was Sephora! Those of you in the UK will know my excitement when we find a Sephora, I was so happy that it was so close (a 5 minute walk to be exact) from our apartment. I browsed for a while before I decided on a few products; I picked up the Urban Decay Naked 2 Basics Palette, Sephora Multitasker Powder Brush, Sephora Body Butter in Peony and a Sephora Lip Stain in Peony.

I've wanted the Naked2 Basics palette for so long, I love love love matte eye shadows and these ones are just perfect, I found it in the store and put it straight in my basket! The colours are so gorgeous and pigmented, they are so versatile and perfect for creating day and night time looks, all in a handy travel sized palette.

I picked this face brush primarily for lose powders, I needed something super soft but also thick but not too bushy. I find this brush perfect for my Laura Mercier Lose Finishing Powder.

The body butter was picked purely for the smell! It is so yummy and long lasting, it's so nourishing as well and I love applying it straight away after a long relaxing bubble bath.

The lip stain was a purely impulse buy, it was on the little stands by the till (Sephora you are so sneaky!) that you just can't ignore. I saw the cute travel sized packaging and loved the colour so popped it straight in my basket. The colour is such a lovely dusky pink and the staying power is lovely and not drying at all which I find is really rare for a stain!

I also had to stop off for some macaroons from Ladurée! There are so many incredible flavours it always takes me about 20 minutes to narrow my selection down to 6! In the end I went for an all pink box, plus a cheeky chocolate one. They are so so delicious and they barely lasted the day before Tom and I had eaten them all. My favourite was the Strawberry Candy Incroyable!

(L-R: Chocolate, Red Fruits, Strawberry Candy Incroyable, Rose Petal, Cherry Blossom, Raspberry)

(Strawberry Candy Incroyable)

We also went in to Billabong and I got Tom a Ransom Crew Jumper as a little holiday treat, we had some Euro's left over on the last day so I wanted to treat him as an early birthday present (girlfriend points for me wooo)

I hope you enjoyed reading up on my holiday purchases, I'll be harassing you with another holiday edit post this week I'm sure!

Hope you're having a lovely evening xoxo

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