28 May 2015

Pamper Me

At least once I week I love to have a proper pamper session, I feel like it really helps me de stress from whatever's going on at the time and I get to spend an evening just looking after me. I think it's so important to have some 'me' time; regardless of whether you live alone, with your partner or your family, are in school, college or working, we all need some 'me' time.
This time can be spent doing anything that makes you happy and relaxed, it could be something you enjoy like reading, writing, painting or other artsy hobbies. It could be making your favourite meal and watching your favourite TV shows/movies. It could be pampering yourself for an evening. It could be going for a long walk listening to your iPod. I just think it's lovely to spend time doing anything that makes you happy, I don't think we do it often enough and I always feel so relaxed and happy afterwards. It really sets me up for a good day the following day. I've started making this part of my weekly routine and I look so forward to it from Monday onwards! I know that if I've had a particularly stressful day it's ok because I get to unwind in the evening and just chill out and I'll feel much better.
I love to run a super bubbly bubble bath and throw in a bath bomb if I have one lying around, light some candles and pop my iPad up on the side with Spotify playing. I'll take all my makeup off and shove my hair on top of my head in a bun and slip in to my fluffy dressing gown so I'm all snug. I then have a good face scrub session which always makes me feel refreshed followed by a nourishing face mask. While the mask sets on my face I'll get in to the bath and just lie there for a little bit and listen to the music while enjoying the yummy smells from the bath bomb/bubble bath. Depending on what kind of a week/day I've had I am partial to a glass of wine in the bath but if I'm not really feeling it I like to have a healthy smoothie drink instead. I also use this time in the tub to remove my nail polish so I can paint them in a pretty colour later on. By this point its generally time to take off the face mask, I use the ones that you can peel off so you can control the mess. Now it's time to go on to shampoo and conditioner! At the moment I'm using the L'Oreal Hair Expertise Ultra Riche Replenishing and Taming duo, these products smell really good and definitely make my hair feel nourished. Next its time for a body scrub and I love to use my Agent Provocateur Maitresse Silk Body Scrub. I picked this jar up in New York in December and I'm about half way through, I use it all the time so I think that's pretty good value for money (although I don't actually remember how much it was....oops!). As this is my special pampering time I treat myself to one of my lovely Molton Brown mini body washes. Sometimes by this point I'm ready to get out the bath and go and pop on some freshly cleaned PJ's but sometimes I'm also not quite ready to end the relaxing bath so I'll lie back and read a magazine or book. I have a Tatler subscription so I always have a magazine lying around ready to read. When bath time is over I'll go and change in to a fresh pair of PJ's but before that I need to moisturise and as I'm sure you guessed, I currently coat myself in my peony body butter from Sephora. It smells so yummy!! Whilst moisturising my body I also moisturise my face, for this I use my John Grosnell's The Original Vitamin E Face Cream. Oh my god do I love this stuff, it smells gorgeous and makes my face feel amazing. Before snuggling up in bed with a TV show or movie I'll pick a nail polish for my fingers and toes, recently I've been loving nudes and have been sticking with pretty beigey pinky hues. Next time I might mix it up and go bold, maybe a fluorescent pink or luminous orange! Suggestions welcome!

So there you have it, my little step by step guide on how I pamper myself and relax :) I hope that you all take the time to pamper yourself in any way you want, we all deserve a little 'me' time xoxo


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