01 June 2015

All About Eyes



I'd  like to take a minute to share with you one of my most favourite travel sized eyeshadow palettes. I say travel sized, it's a full sized product but its such a snug little compact it's perfect for travelling as it doesn't take up much space and has the perfect colours for a causal everyday look or a more done up, dramatic look. Oh and the palette also includes a perfect sized mirror for on the go!  

The palette is composed of two medium shades that are designed to be blended together, one darker shade to intensify, sculpt and add depth and one light shade to illuminate and give a gorgeous wide open effect to the eyes. The four eyeshadows blend effortlessly together to create a natural, intense, sophisticated or smoky eye look.

I won't lie to you, £40 for a palette of 4 small eyeshadows really isn't cheap but I will say that you get your moneys worth! I've had this eyeshadow quad for roughly a year now and I've barely made a dent in any of the colours despite how frequently I use them! I do also think that there are some palettes in the same Ombre Effect range from Chanel that I wouldn't ever spend £40 on because the colours just aren't that amazing. If I didn't absolutely love all 4 colours then there's no way I would spend £40 on an eyeshadow palette but of course you've got to remember that you are also paying for the brand and the quality. The Chanel packaging is iconic and sleek and I always feel so happy and proud to have Chanel items in my makeup collection. That being said, you've got to make sure that you definitely love all aspects of a makeup product that you are buying, especially if it comes with a hefty price tag! There's nothing worse than regretting an expensive makeup spend, more often that not you wouldn't be able to return the item so be careful and triple check with yourself before making a splurge!

This palette has been part of my makeup collection for a year and it easily became my go to item for eyeshadow, it's always in my makeup bag because I can easily use it to change up my look. I love the colours, I love how effortlessly they blend, I love how long they last and I love that the colours are always complimented when worn! Such a feel good product, great job Chanel!!

Let me know what your favourite/can't live without eyeshadows are!  xoxo

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