04 June 2015

Pick Me Up Products

You know when you're having a really crappy week and then out of the blue someone does something so lovely they restore all of your faith in humanity? well that happened to me last week, on Friday my lovely boyfriend decided he wanted to treat me to a pick me up after a heinously long and tiring week. He treated me to a few lovely bits of makeup that I have been coveting for so long!
We ordered them online as House Of Fraser were having an awesome brand event and were offering something like up to 30% off certain products. I ended up with 10% off each product which was awesome! I admit I may have got a little over excited and kept adding everything and anything in to my basket. I'd then go and check to see what I had so far and would be struck with the horrendous reality that I had a basket totaling thousands of pounds and that there was absolutely no way that I needed or probably even wanted 80% of the things I had added! I went through and immediately deleted anything that was in the basket for the sake of it or anything that I just wasn't too bothered about. These four items are what I was left with and I can't tell you how much I love them!

I've wanted the Soleil Tan De Chanel for so long but I was always a bit put off by the price tag. After a lot of research I came to find that there are a few cheaper alternatives on the market but none of them came in such a large amount and none of them could be called a great dupe! They were all such smaller products so I really do think that its worth investing, the Soleil Tan De Chanel is going to last me so long! I know its very much a 'you either love it or hate it' product, having used it a few times in the past I can definitely say that I am all for it! I think its such a unique product and I just love it. I love to use it for contouring, it's such a blendable product and doesn't leave you with orange streaky lines that I've experienced with cheaper products. I also love to use this product in the summer time when I'm nice and tanned and don't really want to shove a load of product on my face. This bronzing makeup base leaves you with the most gorgeous glowing skin and is perfect for those summer nights where you just want a natural look. A slick of mascara, put on your red lipstick and your favourite red polish (and obviously the brows need to be done!) along with the Soleil Tan and bam...you've created an effortless gorgeous glowing look in no time at all!

Speaking of red lips and nails, the next items I purchased just so happened to be in gorgeous shades of red! The NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil applies like a dream, its goes on in a sort of creamy texture but dries almost instantly to a beautiful matte effect and looks so timeless and glamorous. The colour I picked is Mysterious Red. You do have to make sure that you've properly exfoliated your lips otherwise a few hours will pass and you'll notice where the product has faded its left that weird dry line around the inside of your bottom lip...no one wants that! I've been craving one of the velvet matte pencils for quite some time now but I've never taken the plunge. I can't really say why, I've just always picked it up and put it back down again. This time I decided to just go for it, I've wanted one for ages and I figured I would pick a classic red colour, a classic red lip goes with any outfit and is seasonal appropriate all year round. I needed a sharpener and the one I purchased by Nars was dual sized so it has the two sizes to cover smaller pencils like eyeliner and lip liner and the larger size for thinks like chubby sticks and the Nars Lip Pencil. I also picked up a Bobbi Brown nail polish in almost an identical shade of red. The colour is called Valentine Red and even though the next Valentines day is a long way away I couldn't resist picking up this vibrant shade. Recently I've been loving clashing my lip to nail colour but I can't wait to match up with these two. In fact I think I'll do just that at some point this weekend and I might even put up a cheeky insta post to show you!

I admit that this was a bit of a splurge and I'm so grateful to my lovely Tom for treating me, it definitely did the trick of cheering me up and I now have exciting new products to play with. Does anyone else have a bit of a makeup splurge particularly after a rubbish week? I think it's a perfect pick me up (of course to be used in moderation)! xoxo


  1. NARS is my favourite makeup brand of the moment, i just absolutely love it! id love it if you'd comment back http://www.amyelizabethfashion.com/2015/06/5-things-staying-organised.html xx

  2. I've never tried anything from NARS before but really want to after hearing so many people talk about it. And those red shades are gorgeous! x www.coffeeatmidnight13.blogspot.com


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