26 June 2015

Prime Time

It is my humble opinion that a good primer is absolutely essential to any makeup look. I don't think it matters if you're putting on a full face to go out for the night or if you're having a 'no makeup' makeup look, primer is key. You could be wearing the most expensive luxurious products but unless you've prepped your base correctly, those products will never live up to their full potential.

If you've got ridges in your nails or if you want your varnish to look extra polished and last longer, you'll use a base coat. If you're using heated electrical products on your hair you'll apply a heat defence spray first. I could go on and on with these examples but the bottom line is that prepping your face is just as important as the other parts of your body that you prep. I feel like too many people ignore the primer step in their makeup routine and they don't realise that primer has the ability to literally change your life (in makeup terms of course)! There are obviously people out there who don't use it because they have the most perfect skin and genuinely just don't need it (hate them haha) but I do think that a lot of people who choose not to use a primer just haven't found the right one. Its a bit like picking a moisturiser or foundation, it completely depends on your skin type and skin worries. It doesn't matter if your skin is as dry as the sahara desert or is as oily as a bottle of olive oil, there is a primer out there that will help battle your skin woes.

The most obvious benefit of a primer is that it helps makeup stay put longer by smoothing the surface of the skin and gripping on to your makeup to keep it all in place throughout the day. Another reason as to why I'm such a lover of primers, and I don't enough people are aware of this, is that it acts a protective barrier over the skin and it seals in and protects any skin care products used in your skin care regime. So primer actually seals in the products you used prior, ensuring that you still get all the benefits of the skincare products used. Amazing, right?!!

Primers also seal/cover pores, soften skin, create a smooth canvas for your makeup, reduce redness, are light in weight and easy to apply. Some will also have have anti-aging properties and some include SPF.

The difference between my makeup with and without a primer is absolutely ridiculous. It's crazy how one little product can make such a difference but it really does. My main skin concerns are redness, pores, oil control and in the winter I need something a little hydrating. Here are my top 4 primers:

1) Benefit, the POREfessional face primer | £24.50 | 22ml
Pros: Amazing at covering pores. Creates such a smooth surface. Very creamy and blends brilliantly. 
Cons: Price tag and size. Does not control shine, does not hydrate. Doesn't last very long.

2) Givenchy, Mister Mat | £28.00 | 25ml
Pros: Keeps shine at bay ALL day. Skin feels like velvet. Makeup does not budge. Amazing for hot/humid climates.
Cons: Can be quite drying if you're not having an oily skin day. Pricey but worth it for oily skin sufferers. 

3) Smashbox UK Photo Finish Foundation Primer | £25.00 | 30ml
Pros: Smooths out skin perfectly. Incredible balance of oil control and hydration for dry areas. Makeup does not budge. A little goes a long way. Size!
Cons: I honestly can't think of a single one!

4) Laura Mercier Oil Free Foundations Primer, travel size | £19.00 | 30ml (Full size £29.00 for 50ml)
Pros: Very Hydrating. Ideal for dry skin. Price and size of the travel version. Little goes a very long way.
Cons: Can cause breakouts. Yellowy tone that takes a lot to blend out. Its oil free but doesn't keep natural skin oils at bay.
I use the Laura Mercier primer mainly during winter when my skin is drier and in need of an extra hydrating layer. I reserve the Givenchy primer for the summer months as it is so mattifying and controls shine throughout the warmest of days. I don't often use the Benefit primer by itself, I generally just apply it over my nose and pore areas and then use another primer on top. My absolute favourite, as I'm sure you can tell, is the Smashbox primer. Its everything I could ever want and more in a primer, I love love love it and urge you to sample it if you haven't already! Makeup always looks flawless over the top of this primer and it doesn't budge at all. It's a dream mixture of hydration and oil control and I honestly feel like it's the perfect primer.

There are so many amazing primers on the market but these 4 are my personal top picks from what I've tried and tested over the years. 

I'd love to know your thoughts on primers and if you have any favourites! xoxo

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  1. I am still trying to find the perfect primer! Recently I have been tossing up between the Laura Merceir and Stila primers but after reading this I'm going to give the stila one a go. Thanks :)

    Shannon xx | http://www.lotsofloveshannon.com/


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