09 June 2015

Topshop Review | 5 Years of Beauty

Happy Tuesday everyone! I wanted to try and take our minds off of the fact that Friday feels like a million years away and what better way to do so than to take you on a little Topshop journey with me! A week or so ago I was browsing the Topshop store in Churchill Square, Brighton, and I suddenly remembered the new beauty products that have just been released in celebration of Topshops beauty line being 5 years old! I can't believe that it's been that long already!
Makes me feel old but I'm only 22! Anyway, Topshop decided to mark the occasion by picking their best-selling products and giving them a twist. For a limited time only these specially chosen products have been re-released in gorgeous rose gold packaging. Now I think we can all come to a unanimous agreement that us girls are complete suckers for anything rose gold or copper coloured! Even though all Topshop have done is jazzed up the packaging of a few existing/previous products, I just had to bee line for the makeup stand and start swatching and picking my items.

The anniversary line consists of 5 lipsticks, 5 nail polishes, the Magic Liner felt tip eye liner, the Glow Pot in Polished and the Cream Blush in Head over Heels. Naturally I wanted all of it but I only ended up purchasing two items, the Magic Liner eye liner and a matte lipstick in the colour Beguiled.

I desperately needed a new liquid eye liner and I wanted something that was fuss free and a handy size, easy to pop in my makeup bag and obviously good styaing power and pigmentation. I was currently using the skinny liquid liner from Eyeko and i'm afraid to say I really don't like it, I know a lot of people that do so maybe it's just my eye lids but I just can't find a good factor about it. The staying power is terrible and after about 60 minutes the line starts to flake and go dry. If I try to draw a fresh line on top to cover the gaps, it goes a bit lumpy and weird looking. Not a good product for me, I just didn't get on with it so I really wanted to pick up a new eye liner. The Nib of the Magic Liner from Topshop is much longer and smoother than that of the Eyeko liner and the tube itself was slimmer and longer so I was instantly more impressed just from aesthetics. Moving on to the actual product, the staying power is great, the first time I used it I had it on for roughly 8 hours before I noticed any colour fading and even then it was only near the inner corner of my eyes and was easily rectified with a little top up. The line stayed clean and fresh and didn't flake, smudge away or turn a greyish colour like some liquid liners do. I'm really impressed with this product so far, I have heard that it has a tendency to dry out quickly once opened so I'll keep an eye on it and report back!

Next up is the lipstick, oh the lipstick! Initially I picked up the colour Rio Rio, a gorgeous orangy red that was also matte. The colour was gorgeous but I've got a few matte jumbo pens in pretty similar colours so I changed my mind and decided to go for a colour that doesn't frequent in my collection. I think I only have 2 lipsticks that sit in the same wine coloured category, one of which is matte but more pinky and the other glossy and more brown. Beguiled is such a beautiful purple toned wine and it actually leaves my lips feeling smooth and hydrated which I find can be quite rare when it comes to matte lipsticks! If applied with a heavier hand the colour comes out so deep and strong straight away, you hardly need to touch it up and it doesn't bleed out so don't worry if you don't have a lip liner to match! If applied sparingly to the centre of the lips and blended out with a finger or brush it ends up looking like more of stain. It does have a tendency to fade a bit quicker but a top up here and there will sort that right out. Using it in this way, creating more of stained look, some might find easier to wear, especially for day time. It's also a good way to get used to darker colours if you're not used to wearing them often!

I'm really pleased with my purchases, Topshop have done a great job with these re-releases! I'm already planning a time when I can pop in to pick up the lipstick in Nevada, the nail polish in Parma Violet (how cute are these names!) and the cream highlighter glow pot in Polished.

Have any of the products in the anniversary collection caught your eye? Pick them up quick, they are a limited range and you do not want to miss out! xoxo


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