02 July 2015

Spectrum Collections | 10 Piece Essential Brush Set

I've been in the market for a new brush set for quite some time now, I've ummed and aaahd over so many different brands, brushes and sets over the past few months but I've never been able to commit. They've either been too expensive or not enough brushes or not the kind of brushes I'm after or too many eye brushes and not enough face brushes and vice versa.
I was so close to purchasing one of the Zoeva sets but in all honesty I'm a bit bored of them now. It seems like every single person and their dog has a set of Zoeva brushes. Yes the rose gold ones are very pretty, yes they are average to above average in quality but they were hyped about so much and I never really hear any drop dead amazing reviews on them. I just wasn't sold and so I continued on in my search.

As soon as I saw a post pop up on my Instagram feed of the Spectrum Collections brushes I was in love. The colours are so beautiful and fun and would look amazing on any dressing table. The style of brushes was exactly what I was looking for and the set offered such good staple brushes, the kind that you will always need and will always use. On top of all of that, they are vegan & cruelty free which makes me really happy!

At £34.99 for a ten piece set, it's a steal and you'd be crazy to not be tempted! You really get your moneys worth; as soon as the brushes arrived I opened them all and had a play around I can say that the quality of these brushes are amazing. I cannot wait to use them all and start incorporating them in to my every day makeup routine!

So what do you get in a set? Read on for a breakdown:

Large Domed Powder | Angled Foundation | Small Angled Blush
Large Fluffy Shader | Buffing Concealer | Small Angled Blender | Tall Tapered Blender | Eyeliner | Lip Liner | Angled Brow

I highly recommend them and you should check out their website and have a browse of all the gorgeous brushes! Let me know if you've tried or are planning to try any of them and if you have any favourites! xoxo


  1. Ohh these look so gorgeous and sound amazing, I love the colours. I've only ever used Real technique brushes which I love but I'm always looking to try new brands so definitely going to check these out! x http://www.coffeeatmidnight13.blogspot.co.uk/

    1. I highly recommend them! I love my Real technique brushes but these ones are firmly become my new favourites! x


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