26 August 2015

Sephora Haul | Part 1

I'm sure it will come as no surprise to you that I had a few shopping splurges while I was away, I really did try to keep the Sephora shopping down to just one but the first Sephora I went in to didn't have a huge selection so I had no choice but to go on a second Sephora trip to a bigger store! I know it'll be the same for pretty much every UK makeup obsessed girl when I say that entering in to a Sephora is definitely a top highlight from a holiday! It's like entering in to an Evian shop after spending weeks traipsing around the desert....pure relief and joy!

The one thing I know I really wanted was a liquid lipstick from Kat Von D, I was desperate to get my hands on Lolita but knew it would be tricky and alas I could not find it in stock anywhere :( I shall have to revert to ordering it online at some point and just grin and bear the delivery costs! Lolita being out of stock everywhere did not stop me purchasing a liquid lipstick, I just had to play around with swatches and pick a new colour! You can always tell when someone's been to Sephora...you just have to look at the backs of their hands!

So here are the purchases I made on my first Sephora shop of the holiday...

Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray: I had lusted after this beachy salt spray for so long but I just kept resisting because of the £22 price tag and before I had my hair chopped off, it was just so long that I felt I would be wasting my money on such a product as it would be empty within a month! Now that my hair is shorter I decided to go for it and just buy it and I'm so happy with it, it's so much better than any salt spray I've ever used. It doesn't leave my hair feeling hard and knotty like most salt sprays do and it actually smells really good and does a beautiful job at creating beachy windswept waves. Considering the dollar to pound rate, I ended up getting this for roughly £17 which is a really good amount of money off in my opinion so I was super happy!

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick- Colour is Beloved (Soft Coral): I chose this colour because it was just jumping out at me on the stand, I was instantly drawn to it and after swatching it I fell in love! As I said earlier, I had my heart set for Lolita but knew that it would be tricky, they had the regular Lolita Lipstick but it was a bit too muddy in colour for my liking, I knew I loved the liquid version but I've been struggling to track it down in stores for so long. I'm going to just have to give in and purchase it online! Beloved is a gorgeous colour and I'm really pleased I found it, as you can see in the picture, its a much more vibrant coral than the colour description would have you believe. It's so fun and summery and I loved wearing it in New York. The staying power is crazy, the first time I wore it I applied it at about 6pm, left it to dry for around 10 minutes and then we went out for drinks and dinner and a wander around the city and not once did I need to touch up (not even after eating or drinking). We got back to our hotel at around midnight and I had to really scrub to get the colour off my lips! I was seriously impressed and I'm definetely going to be investing in some more of the liquid lipsticks.

Glamglow Thirsty Cleanse Daily Hydrating Cleanser: My interest has always been spiked when it comes to Glamglow and I hear so many people raving about the products but they are pretty pricey and given my sensitive skin, I haven't ever tried them out. You know how Sephora get you, all the smaller travel sized items at the tills while you're queuing! SO sneaky! Well as I was waiting in line I noticed this little guy, a travel sized version of the Glamglow daily cleanser, for only $14 I was so excited to give this a go. I figured if it wasn't all its cracked up to be then at least I haven't just spent $39 on a product, I could just keep it as a fail safe travel item. Well lucky for me I love it! Its such a good cleanser, my face feels so clean and fresh after using this stuff, I'm sure I'll do a full in depth review soon because its just that great!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz- Colour is Chocolate: I ran out of my trusty Brow Wiz a few days before holiday so I knew I had to pick up a new one while I was away. I absolutely love this eyebrow pencil, its so soft and creamy and is a dream to use. The spooley at the end is such a bonus for me, I can't have a brow product/brow brush if it doesn't include a spooley! I do find that the Brow Wiz needs to be set with a brow gel just to ensure your brows are locked in to place and can't be rubbed off accidentally or rained on and heaven forbid washed away!

Stay tuned for the rest of my holiday shopping posts over the next week or so! Happy hump day xoxo

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