07 August 2015

Soigné Nails | Review

Pronounced ‘swahn – yey’

I'm totally smitten with this relatively new French nail polish brand, the beautiful array of colours paired with the long lasting formulas have definitely earned this brand their chic status in the nail polish industry! 

Soigné is rewriting the persona of eco-friendly nail polish, I'll admit that in the past I have shied away from the more natural nail polishes due to worries of weak formulation/pigmentation, chip prone formulas and I'd struggled to find any brands with a good colour range. Soigné have squashed all of these worries with their fantastic formulas that are free from the nasty chemicals! As their website states, each polish contains up to 85% of plant sources natural ingredients, no harmful carcinogens (5 free formula), they are not tested on animals and they are vegan friendly! On top of all of this, the colours you can chose from are beautiful- pastels, neons, nudes, bights and darks, there's something for everyone!

Soigné are safer to use than many other brands on the market but they still offer the highest standard of quality, perfect!

The packaging each polish comes in is so pretty and has a real luxury vibe to it, the kind of packaging that you would be proud to display on your dressing table alongside your other luxury products!
I was really surprised at just how opaque this polish is on the first coat! Just one coat of polish and my nail was fully covered and there really wasn't any need for second coat, unless of course I wanted to make the colour much brighter. I tested with and without a top coat and I must say that I was impressed! Without a top coat, not a single chip on any nail after 48 hours (normally my nails chip the next day if I don't use a top coat!) and with a top coat, the polish lasted 6 days without a chip! 

The colour itself is so beautiful, like a bright mint/sea green with a dash of pastel blue thrown in for good measure. The names of each polish are so cute chic with this one is being called Menthe, which reminds me of the world menthol which then reminds me of mint which then makes me think of this colour...clever, although the word Menthe does translate to Mint so it all makes sense! 

Soigné Nail Polish in Menthe (*) 

Some of my favourite names and colours are Limonade Rose, Betteraves Rogues, BleuetLe Poivre and Truffe.

Have you tried any polishes from Soigné? If not then I do urge you to check them out, the colour range is gorgeous and the product itself is definitely one to rave about! In fact, I'm so smitten with this colour that I'm going to pop it on my toes right now so I can show it off next week on holiday! xoxo

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