18 September 2015

Burberry Makeup | Review

Ok so I couldn't be more excited about this post right now! I have been coveting Burberry makeup for so long and with it being on the higher side of the luxury makeup brand price list, I just haven't had the chance to yet! After ignoring the emails I was receiving from Feel Unique telling me about their sale for about a week, I finally caved and gave in after I received an email one evening to let me know that I could get an extra 10% off!! I had every intention of just having a little look, you know just suss out the goods. I honestly didn't plan on buying anything but when I came to the Burberry makeup my eyes lit up and I just couldn't stop myself. All self restrain flew straight out the window!

The damage could've been much worse, and trust me if they had my shade in stock in the foundation and if they had the blushers and the matte lipsticks in the sale the damage had the potential to be verging on catastrophic. I don't know what it is but there's just something about Burberry that makes me lose my self control over spending; everything is so sleek, chic and I think Burberry are just quintessentially British, I love the brand.

So, on to the actual products!

Burberry Kisses Hydrating Lip Colour Lipsticks in the colour Oxblood.
I knew I wanted a lipstick and I was instantly drawn to this colour, I think it will be absolutely perfect for Autumn and Winter, I can really see it becoming my staple lipstick for the next few months! It is so hydrating, it makes my lips feel so nourished and plump but the colour is so pigmented from the very first application. I thought that something so hydrating would be more sheer and need to be built up but that wasn't the case at all.
You definitely can build the colour up though, depending on how dark you want it to look. One application is perfect for a really wearable day time look but if you're wanting a more vampy vibe then layering this up will be ideal for you. I love both ways of wearing this. I'm definitely going to purchase some other colours in the range and I really want to try the matte lipsticks from Burberry. I was so impressed with this product from the moment I opened it, I mean just look at the lipstick body! It has the Burberry pattern printed on it and the magnetic closure is so so so satisfying. This looks and feels like such a luxurious product and I'm so glad that the actual product itself lives up to the expectations!
The next two purchases are nail polishes, well one being a colour and the other is a two in one base and top coat (so handy!).

Burberry Nail Protect Base & Top Coat.
Not the most exciting product I could've purchased but I had just run out of my top coat and I wasn't really liking my base coat so when I saw this in the sale I just thought, why not! I'm so glad I did because this is such a great product. As a base coat it makes my nails look so glossy and the coloured polish goes on so smoothly on top, it really makes the nail polish apply like a dream. I also found that a little really does go a long way! Normally I dip the brush back in to the product after each nail as there's never enough product leftover to cover the next nail. When I used this base coat I was so shocked at what happened I ran in to my mums bedroom (and interrupted Eastenders) to show her, she was really not as impressed as she should have been. I emerged the brush once in the product and it covered each nail on my left hand!! Thinking it was a fluke, I tried again for my right hand, same thing happened! Each nail was fully coated, it wasn't like a small barely there application, it was full coverage. SO impressed! The same thing happened when using it as a top coat and it made my nails look so glossy and shiny and gorgeous, I had one of those moments where you just can't stop looking at your nails and you feel a sense of pride knowing that you did that all by yourself and it doesn't look like a 5 year old did it!

The Nail Polish I got was 100% with the intention of it matching the Oxblood lipstick! There was a nail polish called Oxblood but that was sold out, so I found a colour just as beautiful.

Iconic Colour Nail Polish in the colour Elderberry
The colour is so opaque, I only needed one coat to achieve the darkness you can see when you look at the bottle. It wasn't the most glossy nail polish I've come across but it definitely wasn't flat or dense, it was just ok, but hey it's not the end of the world when you've got the glossiest top coat to use! The same thing happened to me with the colour as with the base/top coat, I didn't need to keep dipping the brush in to the bottle for more product! A little really does got a long way. I did go back over for an extra stroke in a few places but it wasn't absolutely necessary! If I was in a rush it would've been ideal but adding the extra little top up here and there just made each nail look perfect for colour.

Overall I'm so impressed with what I've tried from the Burberry makeup range and I can't wait to add to my collection. I love the look of the new Contour and Highlight Sticks! I also would love to purchase the Luminous Fluid Base as well as the Fresh Glow Foundation!

Have you tried anything from the Burberry makeup line? I'd love to know if you have any favourites/recommendations!! xoxo


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