02 September 2015

Holiday Skin Saviour | Chanel UV Essentiel SPF 30

When your skin is only used to the dreary British weather, the moment you step on to foreign soil where the sun is beaming down on you, you could be at serious risk of some sort of skin damage. Before you lie out and enjoy the beautiful sunshine, make sure you take precautions and look after your skin!

Yes we all know the need for sunscreen, no one want's to look like a lobster on day one of a holiday! However we need to stop putting the same sunscreen we put on our body on to our face. You wouldn't put a foot cream on your face to moisturise so why should sun protection be any different! The skin on our face is so different to skin anywhere else on the body and because of that I think it's so important to take extra care, especially when you're exposed to extreme sunshine. We should all be aware of the damage that can be caused to our face from sun exposure so I think we should all take extra care and just go the extra mile when it comes to protecting our face.

In a nutshell the Chanel UV Essentiel is a lightweight sunscreen that should be applied after your normal skincare routine and before makeup, it is specially formulated for the face and offers a range of protection levels to suit any situation. This facial sunscreen filters harmful UVA and UVB rays, free radicals and urban pollution as it shelters the skin from photo-aging and hyper pigmentation. I also found that it doubles up as a superb makeup base for the heat and if you're wearing this underneath makeup you will still be protected!

This was literally my skin saviour while I was on holiday, I normally burn so quickly on my forehead and nose and my mild rosacea tends to play up quite a lot in hotter weather. I used this product from day one and would top it up throughout the day, I didn't burn at all, the condition of my skin improved and I could relax knowing that my face was fully protected. It wasn't at all drying but I still used a thick night time moisturiser over night to ensure the air con didn't dry my skin out! I'm so pleased I purchased this before going away and I can safely and happily say that this is what I will be using for every hot holiday (and obviously I'll use it in the UK when its not raining....so a few times a year at most!!!).

I know its quite a pricey product so listed below are some more affordable options and just some alternatives.

Kiehl's Ultra Light Daily Moisturiser SPF50 | £31
Bobbi Brown Protective Face Base SPF50 | £29.50
Clinique Target Protection Stick SPF35 | £18
Clarins Sun Control Stick SPF30 | £17.50
Dermalogica Protection SPF50 | £4.50
Piz Buin Allergy Sun Sensitive Face Cream SPF30 | £12
Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Sun Defence for Face SPF50 | £26
Dior Bronze Face Suncare SPF30 | £24.50
No7 Protect and Perfect Intense Facial Sun Protection SPF50 | £12.50

I really do think that skincare is worth the investment, the difference these kind of skincare products can make is well worth the money in my opinion. At the end of the day though it doesn't matter if your products are from Chanel or a drugstore, as long as you're taking the precaution and are ensuring your skin is protected, that is what's important! xoxo

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