06 September 2015

Struggles of a Makeup Lover

For this weekends post I decided to do something a bit different and I had a lot of fun putting it together, I might make it a bit of a regular thing (let me know any thoughts on this)! I could sit and talk with my best friend for hours and hours about our everyday makeup struggles so I figured why not jot some down and share with you guys! Here is a little selection of my top makeup struggle truths.
  1. When you can’t get your eyeliner wings to match, you have no choice but to drink some coffee, put on some gangster rap and handle it like a pro. Either take it off and start again (for the third time) or even them up to what can only be described as 'Amy Winehouse Inspired'.
  2. When you haven't checked your bank account in 3.5 weeks, but your card hasn't been declined yet, so everything must be fine and you can definitely buy that new MAC lipstick.
  3. When you desperately need to rub your eye, but you remember you used your new Urban Decay Smoky Palette this morning so you just have to sit there, restrain yourself, and try to not make eye contact with anyone while your eye twitches uncontrollably to cure the itch itself. 
  4. When you start watching beauty haul videos on YouTube and then BAM 4 hours have passed, its 2am,  and you've made a list of about 90 products that you absolutely MUST buy straight away.   
  5. When you have to decline another invitation to a night out because you’re still saving up for an £80 Tom Ford bronzer brush. 
I hope you enjoyed this post, I know it was only a short one but I wanted to test the waters with something new! Hope everyone's having a lovely weekend xoxo


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