29 October 2015

Lush Haul

At the beginning of the month I went on a little shopping trip with Jade (Leading Lady Beauty) and during that shopping trip we absolutely had to make a pit stop in Lush! Now before this excursion I hadn't ever actually purchased anything for myself from Lush, I'd very kindly been given some products as Christmas and Birthday presents over the years but I'd never actually treated myself in there. Needless to say I definitely treated myself on this trip, with Jades influence I don't think it would've been possible not to!

There is just so much to pick from I seriously didn't know where to begin! I decided to stick with all bath related products but I really want to venture in to the hair care products at some point! Now as you can see there's definitely a little theme here, I loved everything pink and white!

I've only used the Candy Mountain Bubble Bar so far and that was gorgeous, the scent heavenly and the bubble lasted forever! I'm so excited to use all of the other products, most of them were recommendations from Jade but there' so many others that I can't wait to purchase and try! There was no way I could resist the Magic Wand, event though it's not a Christmas product it really makes me feel festive!  

Do you have a favourite lush product? All recommendations are more than welcome! I can't wait for the next Lush trip...most likely to the Oxford Street store! xoxo


  1. Hi chloe! Saw you in Jade's vlog and I've decided to drop by and say hello. I was wondering if you have any youtube channel because i followed the link in Jade's video and it goes straight here. Just wondering. Do let me know if you have one! Would love to watch it. Have a great day

  2. Hi Sweetie, thanks for dropping by! Sorry I haven't replied sooner! I don't have a YouTube channel but it might be on the horizon for next year :) Hope you're having a great day xx


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