02 October 2015

New Lipstick | MAC

So I went homeware shopping at the weekend which ended up being a big old fail :(  Every shop we went in to we just couldn't find anything we loved. Determined to not have wasted the whole Sunday on unsuccessful shopping, we decided to ponder about and go look for some clothes for Tom. Well that didn't really go too well either and a few more hours had passed; we were getting hungry (hangry) and just a bit frustrated and fed up. I couldn't bare to go home empty handed (obvs) and as we walked past MAC I just automatically turned and marched in to the shop with no hesitation (honestly it was like I was drawn in like a magnet).

I'd been lusting over Mehr for quite some time and I felt that the time had now come to add it to my collection. Its a beauty dusky mauve pink matte lipstick and I can't even explain how much of a perfect match it is for the Soar lipliner! Such a beautiful combination. I feel like MAC are the only ones with matte lipsticks that are still creamy and not drying at all! Does any else find that? I just think they make the most perfect matte lipsticks and Mehr could definitely be my new favourite from MAC...!

What's your favourite MAC lipstick? xoxo

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