11 October 2015

Skin Care Favourites | A/W

Autumn and Winter are without a doubt my favourite seasons of the year. I love the fall fashion, the makeup trends, the fluffy jumpers, the oversized scarfs, the faux fur collars, the hot chocolate, snuggling up inside listening to the rain, and of course that super duper thing that happens on the 25th of December every year....!  

With every change of season I have to have a change up of my skin care routine. The things that work for me in the hotter more humid months don't really work for me in the colder harsher months and so I have to have a swap around of products! I never really mind having to do this because its just another reminder that my favourite time of year is fast approaching.

My A/W moisturiser has got to be something nourishing, something more suited to dryer skin to ensure the colder weather doesn't dry my skin out, my skin type is definitely combination, I have an oily t-zone but the rest of my face is super sensitive and can get very dry and red . My top choice to combat my skin blemishes and to keep my face hydrated is the Origins Mega Mushroom Soothing Face Cream. This face cream instantly hydrates and soothes skin, it visibly reduces redness and sensitivity and is my favourite cream to wear overnight. I find it can sometimes be a bit too heavy to wear in the morning underneath makeup so I'll just apply a small layer and wait ten minutes or so to let is sink in before applying a primer and then my makeup. I use this moisturise every night before bed and every morning before I get ready. My skin feels so soft and smooth and the redness I suffer with goes down so quickly once I start using this face cream.
I also love to use the Origins GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream which is just so brightening and nourishing to wear. It's my favourite eye cream and works wonderfully when applied first thing in the morning. Perfect when you need to de-puff those early morning pre sunrise eye bags before work!
In terms of cleanser and toner, my most used are this Clarins duo, both are 200ml and work out to be £11 each which I think is a steal! The cleansing milk is great for removing the grime from the day and any traces of makeup left behind (after using Micellar Water), the toner is awesome at doing its job and doesn't dry out the skin or make it feel too tight. I don't really change these products, I'll try new ones here and there throughout the year but Clarins are generally my staple for cleanser and toner. I cleanse twice a day, once in the morning before moisturiser just to ensure my face is as clean as can be and then again in the evening after removing my makeup. I only tone once a day, in the evenings, if I use a toner too frequently it can dry out my skin and make it feel tight in places.
I'm also loving using the Glam Glow Thirsycleanse once a week, it says on the product description that it is a daily cleanser but I used it in the evening on three consecutive days and my skin was not happy! It's definitely a deep cleanser and I just think its a bit too harsh if used daily so I like to use it once a week for a really good scrub!
A face mask once a week or every so often is also a really lovely thing to do in, I always find I have more time (or I just make more time) for pamper sessions and long winded skin care routines this time of year. I really have to take care of my skin as the weather gets colder otherwise I look like a pink chapped sensitive mess! I love how fresh faced I feel after a full on skin pamper and I think it's so important to take care of your skin, especially in harsher weather.
Do you have a favourite skin care product (or products!) to use in Autumn and Winter? xoxo


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