25 October 2015

Skin Care Sunday

If you suffer with dry or dehydrated skin, or are in need for a little winter pick me up, I couldn't recommend the Indeed Hydraluron Moisture Boosting Sheet Masks any more! Sure you'll look scary as hell whilst using it and you'll want to avoid any human contact unless you want to make people scream in horror over your weird murder mask vibes look...however the benefits after using it definitely make it all worth while!

My skin always gets dryer in winter and I find that these sheet masks are perfect at restoring moisture where it's lacking. For about 30-40 minutes after using a mask my face is quite red, but it's not sore at all so it's nothing to worry about, just a word of warning to not try them when you're going out soon after, just in case you end up with a red face too! Once the redness goes down though my skin is literally glowing. It's so soft and smooth and just very glowy, not normally something I go for in a skin care product due to fear of just looking greasy and oily but this isn't anything like that. It's just a lovely healthy glow. I also find that my makeup application is so smooth and clean after using the masks, dry patches are no where to be found!!

These masks will hydrate the skin from beneath the surface for 24 hours of long lasting moisture retention. With each use skin feels softer, smoother, plumped and glowing. Added bonus= the opportunity to scare people!They are currently on offer on Boots online for £13.33, saving £6.66, I've just picked up a new packet and can't wait for them to arrive!
If you find yourself suffering with enlarged pores, dull skin, fine lines starting to creep up on your face, then once of the best overnight serums that I have used to combat these skin care woes is the Nip+Fab Glycolic Overnight Purifying Gel. This is a night-time clarifying treatment targeted to those of us with dull and oily skin. Containing glycolic and salicylic acid, they combine to resurface and purify the skin by gently lifting away dead skin cells with a continuous deep pore cleansing action. The claim is that by morning your skin will look and feel fresher and smoother, and your skin tone will improve over time. You apply it as a night time treatment after your normal cleanse and let it works its magic overnight while you get your beauty sleep.

On the first morning my skin felt a little tighter, but in a good way, not in a 'I've had too much botox' kind of way! My skin felt nice and soft but there was nothing else to report. Cue the second and third mornings and I could definitely notice a considerable reduction in pore size, black heads on my nose and the breakout on my chin was nearly gone! When I didn't use the overnight gel for a few nights, just from being forgetful and too tired, I noticed my skin was looking a bit dull, blemishes were a bit more obvious and my skin felt more oily when I first woke up. Sometimes you can be unsure if a new skincare product is doing all it promises and then when you don't use said product for a few days, you end up really noticing just how well the product was working! I now keep the gel on my bedside table to ensure I don't forget to apply it! I'm nearly running out so It's time to repurchase, Superdrug have an online offer and you can pick this up for £9.95 instead of £14.95.

Winter is the time where I stock up on Skincare products and try out some newbies, I love a pamper session in the evenings, snuggled up on the sofa with a cup of tea and a movie so expect some more skin care related posts coming your way over the next few months! What's your favourite Winter skincare product? xoxo


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