20 December 2015

Bauble Haul | Christmas Decorations

We decided to pick up some lovely individual baubles and decorations for our tree at the beginning of the month. We already had a few sets of baubles from John Lewis and a few individuals from Marks & Spencer but we wanted to pick up something special for our first Christmas in our new home! We went in to Fenwick Of Bond Street and they had some of the cutest baubles and decorations!

I'm not huge on tinsel, we don't have any on our tree or in our home ( I do have some around my computer screens at work though!) but I was looking for something subtle to wrap around near the base of the tree to bulk that part out a bit. I spotted some sweet looking thin tinsel strips with stars on and loved them, they matched our colour theme too so they were the perfect addition to our tree and at only £1.95 each such a bargain!

The Christmas pudding design baubles are very possibly my all time favourite baubles! Tom and I instantly picked them up but from different parts of the store so straight away we knew we had to bring a few of them home with us! We ended up buying 4 of them and they look so perfect hanging from our Christmas tree. They make me smile every time I look at them! The other baubles we purchased we got two of each and they look so lovely on the tree! All the new baubles we've now added just give our tree such a personalised touch and they were so worth the investment. They weren't hugely expensive, about £3.50 each, which does add up but our thinking behind it was that we only need to do this shop once and then we're set for Christmas every year and we can just add the odd one here and there!

Have you picked up any special Christmas tree decorations this year? xoxo

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