06 December 2015

Charlotte Tilbury | Magic Makeup

I can't even begin to describe to you just how beautiful the Charlotte Tilbury packaging is! If anyone else has ordered from the Charlotte Tilbury website then you will all know how it feels to receive one of her gorgeously packaged parcels. I can't even bring myself to dispose of the box, it'll just have to be used as storage on my dressing table...not that I'm complaining! Given how beautiful the products are, and the product packaging, it's no wonder that the delivery packaging is just as beautiful.

A little while ago I treated myself to the new Magic Foundation, as soon as Charlotte herself started posting sneak peeks of the foundation on her social media sights, I was obsessed and was counting down the days until its release. As soon as that day came around the first thing on my agenda was to purchase this foundation! I got a little carried away and ended up purchasing one of the blusher and lipstick combo sets too. I've only ever heard amazing things about her blushers and the colours are so beautiful, I picked Sex on Fire as I felt like these are the ideal Winter shades. I've always had my eye on the So Marilyn lipstick so when I saw that you could get the lipstick and blusher as a combo and save a little money, I was sold!

The foundation is incredible, one of my absolute favourites. It gives you the most perfected flawless coverage, just divine. It's surprisingly light weight and so easy to blend in. I'm in love with this foundation and feel that it is going to become something that I repurchase time and time again. At just under £30 it's not as expensive as most luxury branded foundations but it certainly outranks most of them in how well the product works. When someone says that they have a magical foundation, you'd be inclined to laugh, but since the launch of this foundation, you now know that they are probably referring to this wonder product! 

As soon as I opened this up out of it's packaging, I couldn't help but chuckle a little (so mature I know!) as did my friends who I was with at the time. Yes the blusher looks like a nipple. Visuals aside the concept of the Swish & Pop Blush is a brilliant 2 step application process. Swish your brush around the outer shade and tap of any excess. Run the brush flat up the cheek bone starting from the apple of the cheek, to structure the face. Take the pointy end of your brush, dip it in the centre colour and tap off any excess. Apply to the apples of the cheeks to make them pop and glow. While it might seem like a bit of faffing around to just apply your blusher, this application method ensures you're making the most out of the Swish & Pop design. Of course both colours can be used and mixed in together, it still looks lovely on the cheek, I do prefer the 2 step application though as I find this helps add dimension to the face and the colours blend seamlessly together. 

A beautiful true red, absolutely reminiscent of Marilyn Monroe so how could you not feel gorgeous whilst wearing this lipstick! Perfect colour for the Christmas party season, it adds a glamorous pop to any look. This colour makes you feel instantly done up as soon as it's applied. This has now taken pride in my favourite red lipsticks and I can't wait to start wearing it during the Christmas period, such a festive colour!

It's safe to say that any product from Charlotte Tilbury would make a perfect gift, if you want to give the gift of makeup magic to someone this Christmas then head on over to the Charlotte Tilbury website. I've seen some gift sets that I'm planning to purchase for family and some special friends....and I naughtily might have to purchase a little something for myself as well....when the products are this good I just can't resist! xoxo

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