10 December 2015

Festive Treats

So I totes stole the idea for these cute snack from a YouTube video my lovely friend Jade was watching one day last week. These just looked so yummy I couldn't not make them myself! I've created my own take on these festive treats and they are just. so. yummy.

If you're not a fan of Oreos (seriously though, who isn't??!!) then this won't really interest you, but if you're like me and all of my friends and you absolutely LOVE Oreos then please keep on reading to see how you can jazz up some Oreos to make delicious Christmas treats!

So first things first, you will need some Oreos, I've gone for original ones and peanut butter ones! You will also need some chocolate, I've gone for white and dark, originially I was just going to go for white chocolate but I have some vegan friends who love Oreos too so I didn't want them to miss out! Now the next item you need is completely optional, you can top them with any festive decor you wish, I've gone for crushed candy canes and little candy cane sugar toppings.

Time to melt the chocolate! I melted mine in the microwave in 10 second intervals, taking the chocolate out the microwave each time and giving it a good stir, in total the chocolate cooked for 2 minutes before it was completely gooey and melted to perfection! You have to work quickly now to ensure you coat each oreo before the chocolate cools down. I just dipped each side of the Oreo in the melted mixture to ensure the whole Oreo is completely coated. I alternated and did half and half in each mixture, split evenly. Again working quickly, once each Oreo is coated you need to add your festive decor to the top before the chocolate cools, this just makes sure the topping sticks. Unfortunately crushing the candy canes didn't really work which was a shame so I just stuck to little sugar toppings.

Once all Oreos are coated and topped, pop them in the fridge for a good few hours to set. I left mine in for about 5 hours and then took them out and left them on the side to get a litttttle bit warm for about 20 minutes.

Oh my goodness these are just so yummy! They make perfect little Christmas treats and take no time at all, I am definitely going to make these a lot this this month! Also, please remember that it will make your life soooo much easier to make sure the Oreos go on top of baking sheet paper before you put them in the fridge....it was a tough job peeling the cookies off of the plate...oops silly me! xoxo

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