23 December 2015

Get Polished For Christmas

Over Christmas (and Winter time in general) I tend to stick to a few similar nail polish shades. I alternate between the same few colours and ultimately plan which one will be my Christmas day shade! Typical for this time of year I stick to deep reds, dark purples and burgundies, as I'm sure most of us all do, but I also like to add in something a little different for my Winter picks. I've picked out my favourite collection of nail polishes, the ones I've been wearing all Winter and plan to wear in the run up to Christmas and on Christmas day.

A lot of my traditional Winter/Christmas shades come from Chanel, I've managed to accumulate a nice little collection over the years which are all perfect for this time of year. Picking only two shades was tricky but these are the two I first think of when I'm planning on painting my nails at the moment. The two are Laque Rouge and Taboo. Laque Rouge is very hard to capture the true colour on camera as it comes out a lot lighter in photos. It's a strong red with pink undertones, the more layers you add the deeper the red gets as opposed to brighter but the more the pink comes through. It's a gorgeous alternative to a pillar box red and I find it's a much easier shade to wear everyday.

Chanel Taboo reminds me of the night sky. It's a deep metallic purple with burgundy, black, blue and silver flicks throughout. This is such a fun colour to wear, people always comment on how pretty and different it is! It's very fun for Chanel but beautiful to Chanel standards none the less, if you're a tad bored of the normal Christmas colours then this is sure to peak your interest. Although be warned, you only need two coats otherwise it's nearly impossible to take off.

Bobbi Brown in Valentine Red is another favourite of mine. It's a true rich red, classic Christmas! If there was an award for the most glossiest polish this would definitely win it. Even without a top coat the finish of this polish is so glossy and glam. It's probably my favourite pure red nail polish that I have; most of my nail polishes in the 'red' bracket are a lot darker so this is a lovely festive party nail shade. The finish is more rubbery than glossy but it's very long wearing and practically unchippable!

Burberry in Elderberry is a recent newcomer but a strong favourite in my polish collection. It's the perfect plum shade and is so glossy. One coat is enough to cover the whole nail in consistent colour but layered up creates such deep colouring, it's just gorgeous. I love the Burberry polishes, always gorgeous in colour and so long lasting.

Nails Inc Alexa Edit in Winter Lilac. Something a little different for the winter months but hey it's got Winter in the name so it must be made for this time of year! It's a beautiful cold grey with lilac undertones, it's so pretty and I think it makes a really interesting alternative to the usual dark berry shades.

Nails Inc in Khaki. I've only recently fallen in love with khaki shades, this one is so dark, a true khaki green. Again, Nails Inc shades are really lovely, and so pigmented! I find with both of these that you can get away with just one coat on each nail.

Tom Ford in Black Cherry. Newest to my life and my Christmas day pick without a doubt! It is a gorgeous true deep cherry red. In the bottle it can look a bit purple but once it's on the nails it really does look like black cherry's, so dark but when the light hits, the red shines through. It looks just so beautiful on the nails! One of my most expensive nail polishes but just like the Louboutin polishes, this lasts so so long without chipping so I know it's going to last me over Christmas and still look gorgeous! I might pair this with a glitter accent nail just to make them really Christmassy!

What are your favourite Christmas nail polishes? xoxo

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