17 December 2015

Have Yourself A Very Burberry Christmas

I can't remember the last time I was this excited about a Christmas Makeup Collection....as soon as sneak peaks of what the Burberry Holiday Collection entailed starting popping up on social media I just couldn't contain myself! I knew straight away that I was going to have to make a few purchases....it was inevitable. You don't come to a makeup addict with a glittery gold and red festive collection and not expect them to make at least one purchase (how you could ever pick just one item from this collection baffles me!).

After much deliberation I decided to stick with the glittery gold pieces, not all of them though, firstly my bank account wasn't able to facilitate such a purchase but also, I struggled to find the eye shadow palette and glow powder in stock and I already had a full fresh glow base so didn't need another (yet anyway!). I picked the gold tones over the red purely because I already own a lot of similar makeup and as much as it pained me to ignore the red, I did, but hey I'm sure my credit card thanked me!

My three items arrived mid-late November and I have been counting down the days until I felt it appropriate to bring them out to play! Well that time is now upon us and I am so excited, it honestly feels like the makeup fairy's delivered Christmas gifts early (from me, to me, love me!)

The Burberry Kisses Gloss looks like it's going to be OTT but it's honestly not, it adds a really nice glossy sheen to the lips and the sparkle is obviously there but it's also understated. It's absolutely gorgeous, I've layered it on top of other lipsticks to glam up a look but I also think that I'm going to wear it by itself on Christmas day instead of my normal bright red lip! Paired with a dark golden smokey eye, I think it will look so lovely and festive! 

The Eye Colour Ceam Buildable Eye Shadow, again quite understated but so easy to build up which means you don't need to worry about packing too much on straight away! It blends seamlessly and works perfectly alone across the whole eyelid but also because its such a true gold, can be used with pretty much any other colours, and as an inner corner highlight...gorgeous! 

The Nail Polish is very full on but that's exactly what you would want from a glittery polish! 2-3 coats covers the whole nail in full on gold sparkle, but if you want to add it on top of another colour as a finishing product, or if you're planning on golden tips, then one coat will suffice and it gives a lovely sort of ombre glitter effect. 

I love this collection, it makes me feel so ready for Christmas next week! Have you picked up anything from the Burberry Festive Collection? xoxo

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