22 January 2016

Magic Skin Care | Charlotte Tilbury

I managed to get my eager paws on some samples of the brand spanking new Charlotte Tilbury Magic Night Cream and Magic Eye Rescue, two products that I have been very excited to trial. With any expensive product, I always feel hesitant to invest my pennies straight away, sometimes just going by other peoples reviews and opinions just isn't enough. When it comes to skincare everyone has different skin and different preferences, you can easily have the same skin type as another person but you'd be surprised at how different your opinions can be on the same products. This is why I've decided to review these samples and try to let you know how I think it would pair up for each common skin type. Of course I'll be telling you my personal feelings towards both products and how they worked with my skin but I'm also going to try my best to offer a bit more of a wider review so you can see if it would work for you.

First of all the above pictures can let you read more about the ingredients and the wow factors of both products. How cute is her monogrammed envelope, very luxe indeed. I wonder if I could get something similar but with my name, not that I send letters but still I think we definitely all need some monogrammed stationary!

So most of us can easily put ourselves in one of the 'Dry', 'Oily' or 'Combination' skin type categories. I have combination skin, my t-zone gets very oily throughout the day and without a doubt I always have to blot or powder, my cheeks and forehead however can get rather dry and so I do find it difficult to find a happy balance with my skincare. The formula of both CT products are very thick and creamy, not runny at all. This for me is a great pro in a skin care product, unless you're a serum I don't appreciate a product being slippery and runny! 

The Magic Night Cream is probably the most sticky cream I have ever used, surprisingly it blends in so easily, it practically melts, but my face remained tacky all night. I was concerned that it was rubbing off on to my pillow and I was prepared to wake up with one side of my face soft and nourished and the other a bit dry and boring. However in the morning my face was still tacky! I washed my face as normal and was so surprised at how soft my skin felt after. Even though it had felt like the product didn't sink in, it definitely did it's job! I also noticed that my makeup went on so nicely after using this face cream and it also lasted a lot longer that usual. In my opinion this face cream is more suited to someone with drier skin but I found the results so lovely. My drier areas on my face felt so nourished and cared for and I love how my makeup lasted longer the following day. I just don't know if I could cope with the tackiness on my face overnight, it was rather uncomfortable but perhaps the key is to leave it for longer. I reckon if you've got oily skin and you're intrigued by this product, get a sample and try before you buy! I'm not convinced that the £100 price tag is worth it, yes the product left my skin feeling lovely, my skin was smooth and soft to touch, but from my experience a 50ml cream doesn't last that long. Even if it is just a night cream that maybe you use every other night, 50ml doesn't last that long  and before you know it you'll be splashing out £100 again. If I'm spending £100 on a face cream, I expect out of this world results. Maybe this just isn't the cream for me, I'm going to use my sample up until it's finished to see if the results improve after a few uses (so far  I've used twice), I'll report back if my feelings change!

The Magic Eye Rescue is such a soft and creamy product, it sank in within an hour of application and my eye area felt so soft and plumped. Unlike the Night Cream, the eye cream wasn't tacky at all. The next morning my eye area still looked plumped and I could really see a difference in that my under eyes didn't look so sunken and dark. The area was so soft to touch and I felt it really did brighten my eyes up. I would say that the eye cream is suited to any skin type, if you're looking for a product that gives pretty much instant results then I highly recommend this. A little dab really does go a long way so I could see a full size (15ml) product lasting a rather long time! I don't think £40 for an eye cream is too bad, yes it's on the more pricier side of eye products but the product sells itself in it's results. This is something that I'm definitely going to to go out and purchase, or maybe put on my Birthday wish list!

I definitely recommend getting your hands on some samples of both and trying them out, you never know, you might fall in love with one of them or even both! Let me know your thoughts if you've tried either product xoxo


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