11 January 2016

My Christmas Treasure

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you've all had a lovely break and some much needed rest. I took some time off work so that I had an extra long break, oh gosh it was much needed! Sometimes all you need is a little break to not really do anything in particular. Tom took the same time off so we took a little trip down to the Cotswolds which was just charming, I love spending time over there as it's so peaceful and beautiful! Apart from that we've just spent some real quality time together and it's been absolutely lovely. I'm went back to work today which was sad going back to reality but I do now have my Birthday to look forward to for next month!

I thought I'd kick this years posts of with a 'what I got for Christmas', this is in no way me bragging or anything like that, I absolutely love watching videos and reading posts of the same kind so thought why not share mine with you guys! I did seem to have a particularly lucky year with gifts and feel thoroughly spoilt by my nearest and dearest :)

I'll start of with my stocking from Tom, we both did a stocking for each other and set a limit of around £30, he did such a great job and I absolutely love these little gifts. My stocking included a giant gingerbread man (!), lots of Lush goodies- bath bombs, bubble bars, and toothpaste (strange I know but in his defence he said he saw it at the till, asked what is was and thought it sounded fun, we're yet to try it out so I can't comment on how fun it really is but I'll keep you posted!), a Thornton's personalised chocolate bar, a mini box of my favourite Charbonnel et Walker Pink Champagne Truffles, an Olaf keyring and Inside Out on DVD (we've both wanted to see it for ages and I can confirm that it is an amazing film, we both laughed so much and I even shed a tear or two!!).

My main under the tree presents from Tom are pretty much all beauty related, he knows me so well! First up is a Liz Earle Skin Care set, Liz Earle is one of my all time favourite skin care brands and being on the more affordable side, is great value for money.

He also got me an adorable little bottle of a red rose scented bath oil from Jo Malone, the bottle is tiny and so delicate but packs in 30ml surprisingly! Rose is one of my favourite scents and this just fills up the whole bathroom in the most gorgeous aroma.

I'd been complaining recently that I was in need of a new makeup bag, one a bit smaller than my current so that it was the perfect handbag size. Not that I was dropping any Christmas hints or anything ;) he went and got me one from Selfridge's that has my star sign written on the front- so cute!

A new bottle of my all time favourite Chanel perfume, Chanel No 5 was also waiting for me under the tree! Tom loves this scent on me so it wasn't much of a surprise that he picked this as he knows I'm running low and I love it ever so much, in fact I think he buys me a bottle every year for either my Birthday or Christmas. Such a lovely gift every time!

The next 3 gifts were slightly prompted but he knows how much I love makeup and he says that he couldn't ever pick for me at random because of how much I already have (oops guilty!) and he wouldn't know what to do colour wise. I did specifically tell him about the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit Palette and I told him how wonderful it would be if Santa and his Elves delivered it under our tree for me. The hints were definitely received and I am so so so excited to now have this gorgeous palette to add to my makeup collection.

A while ago I reeled off a few lipsticks I was coveting in the hopes that maybe Tom was after some gift inspiration and low and behold, he remembered! (very surprised that he still listens when I start talking about makeup), the lipstick he picked for me is Glastonberry by Charlotte Tilbury. It's such a beautiful vampy matte plum lipstick, and we all know how obsessed I am with Charlotte Tilbury.

The last gift was somewhat of a surprise and I am so obsessed with it all of it! Tom knows that I have been dying to get my hands (or should I say hair) on the Oribe Gold Lust shampoo and conditioner and he managed to get me both in a luxurious Net-a-Porter holiday gift box. Along with the shampoo and conditioner, the gift box includes full size beauty products and some luxury sample sizes. Brands included are Burberry, Smith & Cult, Sarah Chapman, By Terry and many more. It's such an exciting gift for any beauty obsessed person and a perfect way to try luxurious products without committing to the expensive full sizes first. I'll probably go in to this one in a bit more detail in a separate post as there are so many amazing products in it, a short burst of info doesn't really do it much justice!

I feel so lucky with all my gorgeous presents from Tom, he has won some super duper special boyfriend brownie points that's for sure!

My mum also got me a really awesome Christmas present, she's know how much I've wanted an electronic facial cleanser brush so I was over the moon to unwrap a full body Magnitone in a sleek grey shade! I love it so much and I can't wait to get the cleanest skin and the most exfoliated body!

From Toms family we got mostly joint presents for our new home, mainly a super fun coffee machine and a sandwich maker, Toms mum and sister were so sweet and got me a few lovely bits. Some Lush bath products, herbal tea, candle matches, a New York designed notebook and some adorable pink cooking utensils :)

I was also lucky enough to receive some incredibly thoughtful gifts from some of my best friends, Olivia, Jade, Natalie and Lia. Lia got me an adorable pocket mirror with an Ariel design on the back (it's currently tucked away in my bag so I don't have a picture of it) and an amazing Dragons Egg bath bomb from Lush (which has been used up) and an adorable Minnie Mouse travel cup!

I got another Lush bath bomb in my next present, this time it was the Blackberry bath bomb (now one of my absolute favs) from Jade, as well as a beautiful giraffe jewellery holder from Oliver Bonas. Giraffes being my favourite animal, this is such a lovely gift and Jade said she saw it and couldn't not buy it!

My fellow beauty obsessed bestie Olivia and I got each other a MAC lipstick, the shade she picked for me is a sulty matte oxblood red called Studded Kiss. Such a me kind of colour, I can't wait to glam up looks using it, such a gorgeous colour!

From Natalie I got my all time favourite MAC lip liner, Soar, and such a fun bright summery nail polish by American Apparel. You can't ever have enough of your favourite makeup items and the nail polish is going to be perfect for Summer!

Phew that was a long post, congratulations for making it all the way to the end!

If you'd like a follow up for any of the beauty products mentioned then please let me know and I'll see what I can do! I'd also love to know what you guys got for Christmas :) xoxo

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