17 March 2016

A Weekend In Paris

Now if you happen to follow me on Instagram or Twitter then you would've seen that in February my boyfriend and I took a long weekend trip away to Paris. We both absolutely love Paris and we love how easy it is to get there, we always try go go to Paris at least once a year, and generally always in February over my birthday. It’s very cold this time of year but we love wrapping up and grabbing a coffee from Café George V and hot chocolates from Angelina and snuggling up wherever we go! Normally we stay in the Eiffel Tower area in the Hotel Eiffel Seine but this year we fancied a change of location so we stayed in a beautiful hotel on a side street along the Champs-Élysées in the Amarante Champs Élysées and I can honestly say that the location was perfect and the hotel was wonderful! A 2-3 minute walk from the hotel entrance and we were a quarter of the way down the Champs-Élysées (Arc De Triomphe way) and so we had a multitude of shops and restaurants quite literally on our door step. We were also a 5 or 10 minute walk away from two separate Metro stations so it was never difficult when we needed to travel to another part of the city. By chance we also found out that we were about a 15 minute walk away from the Yves Saint Laurent Head Office!

We've done all the usual‘tourist’hot spots many times before, some more than others, and so each time we go back to Paris we like to pick one or two things to redo or sometimes we find something that we've never done before, and on this trip it just so happened to be Disneyland!!! My 23rd birthday was spent in Disneyland and despite how cold it was and how much it rained, it was the best birthday ever! It was a truly magical day and such a special way to spend my birthday. We left Disneyland around 8pm and headed back to the hotel to freshen up and rest our feet for a bit before heading out to a beautiful birthday dinner at Fouquet's.

We had such a wonderful time and the rest of our trip was spent visiting our favourite museums and galleries, going shopping in our favourite stores, dining in our favourite restaurants and visiting some of our favourite landmarks. Writing this all down and re living the trip in my head makes me so excited for the next trip to Paris, perhaps it’ll be sooner than we think, I sure hope so! Despite Paris being branded the place to go as a couple, don't let this put you off. Paris may be the perfect destination for a couples weekend away but it is also amazing for a girls trip, or a mother daughter trip. Paris is such a beautiful city and with it only being a short train journey away on the Eurostar, and amazing deals can always be found, it truly is one of my favourite places to visit.

I hope you enjoy having a look through of some of my favourite pictures from this trip!

My Birthday started off with a birthday email from Chanel! How very Parisian! And here are a selection of snaps from Disneyland.

I'm a few weeks late with getting this post up but I've been so busy recently as I've just moved to a different job in London, It’s all very exciting and new and busy and a little overwhelming but it's the best decision and I'm so much happier with everything now. It's just meant that unfortunately I haven't had as much spare time to write up all the posts I want to but don’t you worry, once I'm more settled in my new job I'll be able to get things back to normal and be posting more frequently!

Love, Chloe xo


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