01 April 2016

Chanel Sunkiss Ribbon Powder Blush | Review

When I first saw the Chanel Sunkiss Ribbon Powder Blush, as part of the LA Sunrise Summer collection, I was smitten. A new limited edition blusher from one of my all-time favourite brands. I thought it was beautiful and the perfect product to transition makeup to Spring and Summer! Now with the product being from Chanel, it wasn't going to have a small price tag, the price of this little beauty is £44 but I luckily managed to get it a little cheaper as I had saved up some Debenhams points. When it arrived I opened it up immediately and just stared at it in wonder for a good 10 minutes, showing it off to whoever I could find in my house at that point. As far as blushers go this one is pretty special. The combination of all of the colours, the beautiful ribbon embossing with the Chanel logo, so many details and the colours oh my, they are just perfect and they all complement one another beautifully.

When it comes to Blusher products I can't be the only one who gets irrationally angry at the amount of space taken up by the rubbish blusher brushes that come with the products. I find them to always be so dense and sparse, they never work properly and are most of the time are just waste of space in a perfectly good product, when will brands start to fob off the blusher brush and just make the actual blusher bigger.?! Why don;t they think to just use the extra space to include more product in the compact! I'm sure you can imagine my overwhelming joy when I discovered that the Chanel blusher brush provided with this product was actually half decent! It's provided in its own little Chanel velvet pouch and is tucked behind the main compact in the product box and yep you guessed it, the whole compact is filled with product! The brush it'self has been made a little bigger which I assume is down to it being in it's own pouch and not made to fit inside a compact, and because of this it's a little more functional. Don’t get me wrong, it doesn't do the best job, it can’t pick up much pigment and it doesn't blend very well, but for use to top up product it works just fine.
I won’t lie to you, it took me a while to pluck up the courage to use this product properly, I just didn't want to ruin the beautiful detailing. I swiftly reminded myself that I did not spend nearly £40 on a product to merely look at it. Although it’s not a product I’ll be using frequently until summer time, I have swatched and tested and I can say that each colour is so pretty alone but mixed together they leave a beautiful bronzed peach colour on your cheeks with a subtle highlighting shimmer that just makes me think of sunshine and summer. This is going to be the perfect product to take away abroad in Summer time, I can't wait to play with it properly! Like all Chanel products the smell is subtle yet sweet, the packaging is luxurious and chic, the lasting power is impressive and the quality is brilliant.

If this product has caught your eye like it did mine then I strongly urge you to go and snap it up quickly, after all it is limited edition and this is one product I would not want to miss out on!

Love, Chloe xo

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