11 April 2016

Luxury Shopping Haul | MAC & CHANEL

Over the bank holiday weekend a little damage was done to my bank account and I regret nothing! My best friend came to stay with me and we went shopping which only ever leads to one thing…. new makeup! After a few hours of shopping, swatching and gossiping we ended our afternoon with a very long leisurely lunch and a bottle of prosecco, before heading back to mine to eat mini eggs, put on face masks and re swatch all of our purchases! We spent so long browsing all the makeup counters and we both made a few purchases, mine being all from MAC and Chanel and it was wonderful.

From MAC I purchased three of the Pro Longwear Lip Pencils, I know three lip pencils may seem a tad excessive but I fell in love with each colour and just knew I needed them in my makeup collection! I did um and ahh for a while and tried to put one back but just couldn't pick one to part with...so they all came home with me! The colours are Morning Coffee which is a gorgeous muted mauve brown, Posy Perfect a peach toned rosey pink shade, and Good Timing a dusky pink colour. I felt like Morning Coffee was a little out of my comfort zone but I am so in to dusky pinks and mauve nudes right now and I see so many beautiful makeup looks using more brown toned lip products and the shade of this pencil, I just thought it was beautiful and it's actually really flattering on my paler complexion! Posy Perfect and Good Timing are just perfect Spring and Summer shades so I had to pick them up too. From MAC I also purchased the Mineralise Skin Finish in Soft& Gentle, a long time loved favourite amongst most. It’s the most gorgeous soft coppery peach highlighter and I am obsessed with it! I've lusted after it for a while now but never actually purchased it, I have no idea why! I'm so pleased with it, it's so gorgeous and I can't stop using it!

Left to Right: Morning Coffee, Posy Perfect, Good Timing, Soft & Gentle

From Chanel I made two purchases, both eyeshadow related, both perfect for Summer time. The first item is one of the Stylo Eyeshadow Fresh Effect Eyeshadow in the colour Beige Dore which is such a beautiful champagne gold and will be perfect for travel makeup when you only want to take a few items away with you. This product looks beautiful all over the eyes by itself, you can apply it lightly and blend it out for a softer look but you can really pack it on for a bold glam look. It’s such a universally flattering shade in my opinion which is why I can’t wait to take it on holiday with me and wear it when I'm more bronzed!

The second item is one of the Illusion D'Ombre Long Wear Luminous Eyeshadows in the colour Emerveille, I've wanted this for such a long time now and I'm so happy I've finally decided to purchase it. I was torn between Emerveille and the new shade Moonlight Pink from the Chanel Summer Collection, Moonlight pink was just a bit too pink for me and I didn't find it overly flattering on my skin tone. Emerveille however is a beautiful pink light copper shade, again perfect for holiday and summer time makeup. Both Chanel products are strongly pigmented and once they are on, they are not going anywhere! After scrubbing my hand several times I could still make out each swatch on the back of my hand!

Left is Beige Dore and Right is Emervielle

So as you can see, things did get a bit spendy but we both decided to treat ourselves because, well, we deserve it, as do we all! If you've got your eye on anything at the moment, go and treat yourself, we all deserve a little treat now and then!

Love, Chloe xo

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  1. I have yet to try anything MAC, I always forget about it since they don't sell it at Ulta or Sephora. That highlighter is lovely!

    Nereyda│ This Girl Is Obsessed


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