15 April 2016

My Favourite Cream Eyeshadow Products | Charlotte Tilbury

My makeup love right now is for cream eyeshadows, possibly slightly bordering on an obsession but I'm just accepting it and going with it. I've used cream eyeshadows here and there over the years but I've never really been too fussed over them but I feel like they’ve had a really big revamp recently and now all our favourite brands are offering up the most gorgeous of colours and consistencies. My number 1 favourite has got to be the cream eyeshadow pots and pencils from the wonderful makeup range from Charlotte Tilbury. Now I’m sure it’s absolutely no surprise to you if you’ve followed my blog for a while now that Charlotte Tilbury is one of my can’t live without brands. I love every product that she offers and If you haven’t tried anything from her then I strongly recommend you do because you are missing out, especially on the cream eyeshadow side of things!

My makeup collection is home to cream eyeshadows from Givenchy, Chanel, Maybelline and a few others but in my opinion none of them come close to the quality of the Charlotte Tilbury cream eyeshadow products. That's not to say that the other products from other brands aren't any good, if I didn't think they were any good then they wouldn't be a part of my collection, they just work differently to the Charlotte Tilbury ones. If you're looking for the most creamy buttery highly pigmented products then the Charlotte Tilbury Eyes To Mesmerise Cream Pots and the Colour Chameleon Cream Pencils are the products for you! The colours that she offers are just beautiful, and with the eyshadow sticks you can filter the products by what will suit your eye colour best! My three favourites are two of the Eyes To Mesmerise Cream Pots in the colours Marie Antoinette and Jean, and for my birthday my wonderful best friend got me one of the Colour Chameleon Pencils, in the colour Bronzed Garnet, and even though its marketed for people with green eyes it complements my blue eyes in such a lovely way which just goes to show that that you can mix and match the colours until your heart is content!

These products are perfect for a quick and easy makeup look where the end result actually looks really put together and like it took a while to perfect but realistically they are some of the quickest and easiest products to use. Marie Antoinette is a beautiful antique oyster gold with a cool cooper tone that is perfect for a glam smokey look. Jean is a gorgeous sparkling pink champagne shade that works so well as a base colour when applying shadows but is also a perfect choice for a soft daytime glam look all over the lid. Bronzed Garnet describes itself colour wise with it's name and oh what a beautiful name and colour it is, it works so well as a crease colour but can be blended all over the eye for a strong bold makeup look. Whatever vibe you’re going for with your makeup these cream eyeshadows are so versatile and easy to blend, they are easy to use, don't crease and they last all day, they are the perfect products to use in my opinion.

Price wise, the Colour Chameleon Pencils are only £19 which I think is such good value for money! The size of the pencils is impressive for this type of product and because of how pigmented they are, you shouldn't need to be sharpening your pencil frequenlty. The Eyes To Mesmerise products are a little more expensive coming in at £22 and the pot may look little but don't be deceived, they actually pack a lot of product in and again due to the awesome pigmentation, I can't see these running out quickly. The quality of both products completely justifies the price tag in my eyes!
 The top swatch is Jean, the middle is Marie Antoinette and the bottom is Bronzed Garnet

I've been using these three products religiously over the past few months and I absolutely love them, I've definitely got my eye on a few more from both collections to add to my makeup drawers! If you’re looking for beautiful, soft, long lasting, non-creasing, buttery cream eyeshadows then I couldn't recommend these products any more!

Love, Chloe xo

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