29 April 2016

Skincare Saviours From Sarah Chapman

Over the past 4 months or so I’ve managed to become completely and utterly obsessed with my skin care routine, I love cleansing my face and appling lovely nourishing products to my skin and watching the improvements happen over time. To transform the condition of your skin is a long process, one that you have to be absolutely dedicated to, but one that is so so worth it. I’d never really shown much attention to my skin in terms of a specific routine, I was perfectly content with just Simple makeup remover wipes and any moisturiser I had from Boots at the time. Being a little older now and having specific skin concerns I knew it was time to dedicate myself to a skin care routine, and dedicate myself I did!
It was the best decision because my skin has improved so much over the past 4 months and with clear, healthy, happy, bright skin, comes confidence! It’s so nice to finally feel comfortable to go out bare faced, which was something that I used to absolutely dread, but now I’m more than happy to run to the shops or go out for the afternoon sans makeup and show off my skin! I love all the products in my skin care routine and thank them all for the help they provide in bettering my skin every day, but there are two products in particular that I couldn’t live without and I’m certain that they are the main cause of my skin improving so much and so quickly. I don’t think my skin would be as clear or bright or healthy as it is now if I hadn’t religiously used these two products for the past 4 months. I would love to sit here and talk you through my whole routine for my day and night skin care, and go in to all the details about each product but I fear that I would be bogging you down with far too much information and would just bore you! Maybe we’ll save the other products for another post or maybe I can do a mini routine for you at some point! Today I want to talk to you about my two all-time favourite products from Sarah Chapman…as I’m sure you already guessed from the title of this post and the picture ;) oh and a little something else I'm loving from the same brand!

The first product I started using was the Sarah Chapman Skinesis Overnight Facial, this is a night oil that you apply as the last step of your evening skin care routine, dispense 1-2 pumps in to the palm of your hand and massage the oil all over your face, neck and décolletage. This non greasy formula promises to leave skin looking plumped, rejuvenated and glowing. The first time I used this I was dubious to inspect my face the next morning as I was sure there would be no difference but I was very wrong! To my absolute surprise (and delight) I could see an instant change in my skin, it looked brighter and clearer, any dark sallow sad patches of skin had been brightened and my rosacea had lightened so much, even my boyfriend noticed straight away! I was seriously impressed and vowed to myself to use the product every single night until it ran out.

I was using a 5ml sample/tester size that I received in my Christmas Net-A-Porter box, at first I thought 5ml would run out too quickly and I was worried that as the full size was only 10ml more, and over £40, that I was going to have to be repurchasing the product so frequently. Despite the instant results the thought of having to fork out £46 every few weeks did worry me. To my surprise however the 5ml sample size lasted me 4 weeks on the dot! So by my calculations at the time I was thinking that a full size should hopefully last me 3 months, £46 every 3 months didn’t seem so scary, it seemed like a great investment considering how lovely my skin was looking. I purchased a full size right at the beginning of February and am only just nearing the end, I don’t use the product every single night anymore because I just don’t need to. I use the Overnight Facial 4-5 times a week and on the other nights I’ll use a super hydrating moisturiser. This is the kind of product that even if I don’t feel the need to use it as much in the future, I will always have a bottle in my products cabinet that I can use whenever necessary.

The Overnight Facial is a power potion of antioxidants, vitamins, omega oils, renovage and demaxyl peptime. Fragranced with a soothing blend of essential oils including rose, jasmine and frangipani. The serum/oil sinks in to the skin perfectly and once you wake up in the morning your skin has been left refreshed and radiant.

Before I use my Sarah Chapman Overnight Facial I use the Sarah Chapman Liquid Facial Resurfacer. This is a blue gel oil hybrid consistency that can be used AM or PM, you apply the product to a cotton pad and wipe it over your face, this is the kind of product that you want to leave for 5 minutes before applying anything on top as its quite a strong product. This is a complexion correcting liquid that leaves your skin glowing, balanced and blemish free. This product targets a whole heap of skin concerns such as ageing, sun damage, large pores, redness and fine lines. The face friendly acids in this product dissolve dead skin cells which removes the need for harsh exfoliation and leaves you with tightened, unclogged and refined skin texture.

This powerful product has removed any small skin bumps, any large obvious pores and has left my skin so smooth and so clear. It comes in a 100ml bottle for £36 which I think is such good value for money! Like most products that target discoloration the results take time, it was about 6 weeks in to using this product that I really started to see the benefits and results. Within the first few days of using the Liquid Facial Resurfacer my skin felt softer and any blemishes had disappeared, but the discoloration improvements took a little while longer to take effect. I persevered and have kept using this product daily, applying it before my Skinesis Overnight Facial and I am now seeing real results, my skin has never looked better and I put it all down to these two products.

I’ve tried other Sarah Chapman products such as the Skinesis Ultimate Cleanse, the Skinesis Eye Recovery and the Skinesis Age Repair Serum, I enjoyed using the other products but none of them stood out to me above any other product in the same category. I liked them just fine but none of them ‘wowed’ me and made me want to repurchase them, none had the same wow factor on me quite like the Skinesis Overnight Facial and the Liquid Facial Resurfacer. However one little product, that isn't so much part of a routine, more of a helpful product here and there, especially at that time of the month is the Sarah Chapman Spot Stickers.

You know when you feel a spot coming on, it's under the skin, its big, its red and its angry, well apply one of these stickers on top and you will feel instant relief and by morning it will either be completely gone and your skin back to normal, or it will have forced a head to appear so you can safely rid the spot. Behind the blue circle in the picture above is a clear patch and the patch is what ends up on your skin and it's basically invisible but on that little invisible spot sticker is a whole heap of products: Salicylic acid to prevent and reduce blemished and clogged pores, P Refinyl, retinol-like Sytenol A and Vitamin C which releases over time to help calm and reduce redness, decongest and speed up spot recovery while you get on with your day and Phytoestrogen-rch soy helps soothe and comfort the surrounding area for clearer-looking skin whilst the discreet protective patch ensures no touching  or picking. I thought at first the product was a bit odd but after using them on those big sore under the skin spots a few times I am completley obsessed with these spot stickers, sure they're a bit of a princess product, but they are a life saver if you've got an important event coming up and a big old spot decideds to set up camp on your face! 

If you’re stuck in a skin care rut and are on the hunt for some products that will truly make a difference, then I couldnt recomend the Sarah Chapman Skinesis Overnight Faical or the Sarah Chapman Liquid Facial Resurfacer anymore. And if you’re on the hunt for something to help with those pesky spots then the Sarah Chapman Spot Stickers are sure to help out and get rid of those little problems for you!

Love, Chloe xo


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  1. I really need to check out this brand, it sounds fantastic! I've been looking for better skincare products too X


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