25 May 2016

Sunday Riley | Luna Night Oil | In Depth Review

Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil is one of those products that just gets everyone talking, whether it’s about the price, the packaging, the brand or the cult following, you can always find someone talking about it. For that reason, I was slightly hesitant to review the product on my blog, however I was shocked at just how brilliant this mysterious and expensive liquid is! It took me a while to take the plunge in to buying it, you just never know how something is going to work for you and your skin, and when a product comes in at a grand total of £85, it’s not a product you purchase breezily. When something is priced at £85 you could argue that it's bound to be brilliant considering the expense, however that's not always the case. I've been left let down by expensive products before and it's so disappointing not only because the product didn't live up to my expectations but also because it leaves me feeling like I've wasted money. A little while ago Sunday Riley was suddenly a brand that every beauty blogger, beauty vlogger and ever beauty fanatic was talking and raving about. I've only come across a small number of negative reviews on the product, nearly every review I've read has been singing the products praises, but it still doesn't make it any easier to part with £85.

When the newest Cult Beauty Box came around in collaboration with Anna (Viviana does makeup) and Lily (Lily Pebbles), I was sold. The box contained a bunch of products that I had been so eager to try out but just never got around to it, and included in the box was a travel sized (15ml) bottle of the Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil. I thought it was such a brilliant way of trying out such an expensive product without the huge commitment. The box cost £85 but it included so many other amazing products with it and you end up saving 43%!

As soon as I had the product I just couldn't wait to try it. The bottle is adorable, sometimes when a brand brings out a travel sized version of a product the packaging is always a bit boring, but Sunday Riley has designed this smaller 15ml bottle exactly the same as the full 30ml size, I just think it looks so luxurious but also adorable. Everyone comments on the smell of the Luna Night Oil, it is strong but I don't think it's a gross smell, it smells very natural and clean and a bit organic. It's actually very nice compared to some super chemically smelling products I've used before! However, if smells do bother you, don't worry as the smell only lingers for a minute or two and is then undetectable. The oil is blue, that's obvious, and it does stay blue when you apply it, but it then sinks in and you can't really see anything, also no colour transfers on to your pillows/sheets etc. This stuff clings to your skin and sinks in to work its magic! I wasn't expecting instant results because most of the time you’ll need to be using a product for a good few weeks before you can start seeing the benefits, however I was really surprised to see some improvements pretty much straight away. Nothing too major though, but enough for me to be impressed after the first week!

Within a few days of using the Night Oil my skin was noticeably softer and smoother and my pores appeared to be shrinking ever so slightly. Within the first week I could tell that my skin was looking brighter and just healthier in general and my usual dry patches were looking so much softer. As a result of the softer smoother skin my makeup was looking so much more flawless! It was the second week of using the Night Oil where things got very interesting. I'd been noticing throughout the week that my skin wasn't looking as red as normal, the pigmentation on my face was looking more even but it was a trip to the gym that made me realise that the Night Oil was actually repairing the skin not just covering up the pigmentation issues. So I went to the gym and had a pretty hardcore workout, I was a sweaty mess and it was pretty gross. Normally I'd expect to have a bright red face that resembled the most ripe tomato, however when I got in the car to drive home I had a look in the mirror and I was gob-smacked! Sweatiness aside, my skin was looking so clear and for the first time ever after a workout I didn't resemble a tomato. It was a magical moment for me! Normally I feel so embarrassed over my red tomato post gym face but my skin looked so bright and clear, it was amazing.

If you've read my skin care review of the Sarah Chapman products you'll know that those products helped massively over the past few months with reducing the redness that I suffer with. However the patches on my cheeks must be very stubborn, the Sarah Chapman products helped to soothe those specific patches but they still remained refusing to budge. After a few weeks of using the Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil, it looks like the oil is actually repairing the skin, not just lightening it or trying to cover it up. After just a few weeks the pigmentation is looking so much more even all over my face, my skin is so much softer and just so smooth and bright. Despite it being a pretty strong product, it never aggravated my sensitive skin but I did have a little break out after the first few days of using the oil, but that cleared up swiftly, I always find that I break out when I start using a potent product in my skincare routine.

Overall I can totally see myself repurchasing this product in a full size, it's double the price of the Sarah Chapman Night Oil but it's also double the amount of product, so should last double the amount of time. I'm so pleased I finally got to try out the Luna Night Oil and I can totally see what all the fuss has been about. It's honestly such a wonderful product, absolutely worth every penny in my opinion!

Love, Chloe xo


  1. The Luna Night Oil sounds amazing! I've heard so many positive comments about it and I really want to try it but it is quite expensive! x


    1. I know! It was always the price tag that put me off but now that I've actually used it and seen for myself how amazing it is, I'm more than happy to pay for it! Check out Space NK, if they have a tester in store then they will give you a small sample to try out! xo


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