16 June 2016

Charlotte Tilbury Haul

You may remember a little while ago I was very poorly and I ended up having a bit of a splurge on Charlotte Tilbury and promised a haul post, well here it is! Despite a few issues with their courier service which delayed the arrival of these wonderful products, I couldn't be happier with the items I purchased and I can’t wait to tell you all about them. It was a pretty big order, makeup and skincare galore!

I initially went to the website to purchase the new Mascara that had just been released, Legendary Lashes (which featured in my May Favourites post, that's how much I love it!), but I was so excited to see that she had also released the mascara as part of a set which included a liquid eyeliner and eyelash curlers. I needed a new pair of eyelash curlers and I feel like I'm forever on the hunt for the perfect liquid eyeliner, despite not having used the CT eyeliner before I took a gamble and added the set to my basket (which I'm now so happy about as all three products are incredible). The beautiful set is called The Wing Lash Look.

Legendary Lashes creates the most gorgeous fluttery lashes in an instant. I know a lot of people have experienced clumping or smudging but I honestly haven't had either. I mean it's easy to apply too much and you start seeing clumps but that's just because you don't need to apply this as much as any other mascara. Well that's my thought anyway! I don't need to add any more that three maybe four layers (and I just mean brushing the mascara through my lashes 4 time) and I have huge lashes that look beautiful. If I applied as many coats as any other mascara then it would eventually look like I had 3 eyelashes in total! This mascara works instantly, you see results on the first application!

The Life Changing Lashes Curlers are so gentle which I find really important, too many times I've used eyelash curlers and felt like my eyelashes were being ripped out! They create such a good curl from the base of your lashes and I find the curl lasts pretty much all day. I curled my lashes before work the other day and planned to put mascara on when I got to the office but I forgot (silly me), when I got home that evening the curl in my lashes was still holding, I was seriously impressed.

The Feline Flick eyeliner has shot to the top of my favourite eyeliner lists, there’s just something about this eyeliner that creates such gorgeous lines and flicks but they never look OTT, even when you end up playing the ‘even-ing up’ game. The colour pigment is so strong and dark, one line and you’re done, there’s no need to go over and reapply to darken the line. The staying power is great, I've worn it for more than 12 hours and there hasn't been a single budge, nor any colour fading. Also I have to mention the rubber holdall part of the eyeliner, it allows you to get the perfect non slip grip on the product and is so comfortable to use. I love this eyeliner and I think the three products from the set, used together, create the most gorgeous looking eye makeup.

Going back to the shop, after adding the trio to my basket I then directed myself over to the skin care area and added the Magic Eye Cream to my basket. I've been on the hunt for an eye cream for a while now, with every eye cream I've tried I kept thinking back to the sample of the CT Magic Eye Cream I used a while ago and how soft and smooth it made my eye area. Not to mention my makeup refused to crease on top of it! However, at the time I didn't want to splash out £40 on an eye cream, so I tried alternatives but none of them did it for me. So I caved and I purchased it and I am so happy I did, it’s so rich and you only need the tiniest bit so I know that this is going to last me ages.

Finally, I purchased The Gift Of Red Carpet Skin Travel Set. A bit of an impulse buy but I’d been wanting to try so many of her skin care items for so long but I’d always struggled with trying to pick what one product I wants to splash out on and try. Not only are they not the cheapest of products but you just never know how something might react with your skin, so I was worried about making a purchase and it not being any good for me. The skin care set seemed like a perfect way of trying out basically all of the items that I had been lusting after for so long!

My absolute favourite item is the Goddess Skin Clay Mask (mentioned in my May Favourites so I won't ramble too much on it now) it is incredible at clearing up and removing blemishes and any spots. My skin looks and feels so much clearer and softer after every use!

The Wonderglow primer is so pretty but it's a bit too bronzy for my fair complexion at the moment so this will be reserved for use when I have a tan (faux or natural, this glowy priming base will look beautiful either way I'm sure!). It's more on the watery side as opposed to silicon-ey and makeup sits so lovely on top of this primer, but it also looks beautiful alone adding some colour and some serious glow.

The next product is one I'm actually yet to use properly, the Supermodel Body. I think it's going to be a wonderful summer staple for when I have a bit of a tan, the perfect way to enhance my glow and look radiant in the sunshine. You're supposed to just run the product over your legs, arms and chest area to give a beautiful glow to the skin. I've applied a bit to my hand and it feels incredibly soft and hydrating and its so glowy, not sparkly or greasy looking in the slightest!

The Multi Miracle Glow doesn't seem to do much for me apart from creating softness, which is lovely but I don’t think I would purchase this full size, I've tried it as a cleanser and it leaves my skin feeling lovely and clean but also sticky, as an overnight mask I found it a bit too wet and greasy and as a skin balm it feels lovely and smoothing on any dry areas but again, sticky. It’s a really nice product but I think it’s much more suited for dryer skins, I think if you suffer with dryness then you would love this product.

The Take It All Off Eye Makeup Remover is fantastic, I have certain eye products that I know are so stubborn and such a pain to remove and I have to use a specific eye makeup remover for them instead of my normal overall cleanser. Normally I use a remover from YSL or LancĂ´me and always thought they did a good job but it would still take two cotton pads for each eye to remove the makeup. With the CT eye makeup remover the makeup just melts off and I only need to use one cotton pad per eye (hurrah, I feel like I'm always buying cotton pads!).

Charlotte's Magic Cream, at first I didn't think I would get on with this, going by how thick and heavy the Magic Night Cream is. My skin just isn't the type to need the super-rich and heavy moisturisers, I'm much more of a serum gal. However, the Magic Day Cream isn't at all as thick as the night cream and I'm so surprised at how little product can be used. For me personally I can use a tiny dot on each part of my face and it blends out to cover the surface. It’s a lovely moisturiser but a bit rich for me for everyday use, I think I’ll take this one on holiday though and use it in the evenings before applying makeup! It works as such a good makeup base whilst also being thoroughly hydrating.

I hope you've enjoyed reading my thoughts on my many purchases, I havn't done a large makeup haul in a while (or at least it feels like a while!) and I'm so so happy with these items, I love Charlotte Tilbury products and I can't wait to one day own every single item!

Love, Chloe xo


  1. All of these products sound great! I need to get a new eyeliner so I might try this one x


    1. I've lost count of how many eyeliners I used over the years and I've never really loved any of them, but this has been such a game changer! I couldn't recommend it more! xo


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