27 June 2016

Mulberry Sale Shopping | Small Designer Haul

In light of all that has been going on in the UK recently, it felt a bit odd to be talking about makeup and shopping but the reality is that it was such a nice distraction for me. Each time I’ve looked on social media there is just so much negativity being thrown around and it’s a real drag. I totally get that with the UK majority vote to be to leave the EU, this is going to be the talk of the town for a while and it has truly rattled some people’s cages. I’m all for younger people talking up and voicing their opinions and discussing politics, there’s not normally nearly enough of that anymore, but when people are posting horrible racist and ignorant comments it just gets way too much and isn’t something I want to be reading every time I pick up my phone and scroll through Facebook. I’ve been clicking that un friend button rather a lot since Friday morning. What has however been a nice outlet for me to take a break from all the heavy politics that are just everywhere right now, has been catching up on blog posts and YouTube videos. So I figured it would be business as usual here on my blog and I hope this can act a nice distraction for you also!

So the sales have been big over the past month, everywhere has had a huge sale on and oh my it has been hard to resist temptation. I found my dream Givenchy bag in the Selfridges sale but when I got to the checkout page it had sold out, needless to say I was not in the best mood for the rest of the day! I’ve frequently been checking the sales on Selfridges, Harvey Nichols, Net-A-Porter, Harrods, etc in the hunt for an amazing buy, but sadly nothing has really caught my eye. I decided that I would pick up a few accessories and save the big bag splurge for the end of the year with the Christmas sales, as they are so much better for a bigger buy in my opinion!

Mulberry was my destination of choice for my sale shop, and they did actually have some beautiful bags on sale, one of them very very very nearly made it in to my basket but I refrained, as I decided it wasn’t a particularly practical buy, I was just swept up in the discount! When you’re going to spend £500+ on a handbag, it has to tick ever single box and you have to be in love with it, you can’t just be lured in by a good discount! To the accessories I went, a card holder/pouch is something I have been wanting for a very long time now, I really dislike carrying a purse around with me, they’re just so big and end up being bulky and full of unnecessary receipts, and they never fit in an evening sized bag, or they just take up all the free space, completely unnecessary. I’ve loved the Mulberry card holders and coin purses for a very long time and lucky for me, I found a lot of them in the sale! I opted for a pouch as opposed to a card holder as I also want the space to be able to carry cash or a bit of change too. The colour of the pouch is just beautiful and vibrant and contrasts with the gold detailing beautifully. The size is perfect, it stores more than I imagined it would, I can easily fit a handful of cards aswell as some folded bank notes and still have room for any change!

A card holder is something my boyfriend has wanted for a very long time as well, so I decided I would earn myself some girlfriend points and buy him one as a gift. The design of his one is really cool, it’s a zip up pouch with a few card slots inside, but it also has the space for some notes or change. He’s not big on carrying cash but we’re going on holiday next week so he’ll need somewhere to store his Euros, so I thought it was the perfect gift. He absolutely loves it, and the design is interesting too, it’s a sort of forest green camo print, with the mulberry tree embossed on the front. Subtle but super nice.

The final thing I purchased was again something I had eyed up from Mulberry many a time, it was one of the postman lock cosmetic pouches. The perfect size to slot in to your handbag and to carry the perfect amount of on the go makeup. Since I’ve had it and used it though I’m actually surprised at just how much can really fit in here! It’s like a mini Mary Poppins bag! The colour is the same vibrant poppy red, that matches my pouch, of course that made me love it even more. Again the gold detailing, I just find it looks so pretty and luxurious, I’ve never been much of a fan of silver I just think it creates a much colder look to an item, so I’m really happy that both items have the gold details instead of the silver which were on some of the other coloured products.

I think the discounts on each product were so good and all three products are made so wonderfully, the craftsmanship is incredible and the finish of each product is perfect. I know these items will last a lifetime if given the right care, which I absolutely intend to give! I absolutely love them and I think they are all great investment pieces for small accessories, the discount from the sale obviously made this a much easier purchase;). The sale is still running so get yourself over there to have a browse if you’ve always lusted after anything Mulberry too, you never know you might find some gems and hey, they do say that retail therapy is the best stress reliever!

Love, Chloe xo

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