10 June 2016

My Top Tips For Surviving Erratic Weather

We've all been there, we woke up thinking it was a regular dull day, nothing particularly note worthy happening with the weather, we've thrown on our usual clothes, maybe with the added layer, grabbed our bag and left the house off on our journey to wherever it is we're going. We're walking and feeling a bit warmer than usual, oh the sun has decided to make an appearance (must mean summer's around the corner), oh my I'm actually getting a tad sweaty. I'll just take off a few layers to cool down. Ahh that's better. Oh whats was that drop on my face? Was it bird poo please dont be bird poo. Nope not bird poo thank god. Was it my own sweat? No I don't think so. Oh there's more much more, ok it's rain. Oh and it's getting harder and more aggressive. Great. My clothes are soaked I am soaked. I'll put my coat back on then.

Here are my top tips for surviving the erratic weather.

1- Have an umbrella in your bag, you never know when the rain is going to come (and it probably will).

2- Always carry a shine reducing powder compact, you never know when the (sun)shine monster is going to grace your face. Gotta avoid the greasy look!

3- Stay hydrated! Drink plenty of water, nobody wants to be feeling faint and dizzy on a packed sweaty train on the way home because they haven’t drunk enough water.

4- Keep a deodorant in your bag, or anything similar like freshen up wipes etc. and maybe a travel sized perfume. You never know when you’re out running errands and it was due to rain but the sun makes a scorching appearance and you’re due back in the office soon and you need to freshen up. Smelly co-worker no thank you.

5- Wear loose (preferably dark) clothing. You never know when that sun is going to come beaming down on you and you just so happen to be wearing a tight fitting light coloured t-shirt. Hello under boob sweat patches.

6- Don't kid yourself in to thinking you can get away with wearing sandals, or worse...flip flops. It will rain and you will have soggy feet.

7- Stay inside. Just stay at home wearing your comfy PJ’s or maybe no clothes at all. With all the windows open or maybe just air con. Sit on your sofa and eat an ice cream and laugh at all the people outside getting drenched in sweat one minute and then drenched in a thunderstorm the next.

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  1. Great tips - particularly for those of us in England! The last tip made me laugh :)
    Ambar | Her Little Loves


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