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July 28, 2016

Cherry Bomb | Quay Australia

After months and months of having my Instagram feed full of snaps of Quay Australia Sunglasses, and hearing about amazing collaborations such as the one with Shay Mitchell (PLL is my world), I felt it was about time I purchased a pair, and this couldn’t have been a better idea thanks to the lovely weather we had in London last week (and hopefully some nice sunshine again this weekend!).

The only problem I had when I started looking was what ones to pick! There are so many to choose from, I wasn’t prepared to order from the Quay website, shipping was going to be pretty high and I didn’t want to have to wait (patient as ever…). Instead I headed on over to ASOS and ended up browsing through their sale items, they have so many Quay sunglasses in the sale, at really great discounts too! After spending much time browsing through and trying to decide between three pairs, I finally added one pair to my basket and they were delivered yesterday and I absolutely love them!
I decided to go for the Cherry Bomb sunglasses, they have a fun unusual lens shape, slightly rounded but elongated to a sort of square cat eye at the edges, rose gold metal, of course, and bronze tinted lenses, thin rose gold arms and small white branding of ‘Quay’ in the corner of the lens. They come in a handy little soft but padded pouch, it’s not too bulky which is great for popping them in your handbag when you’re on the go. These are probably some of the more ‘normal’ plain designed sunglasses from this brand, but I loved that they were still a little unusual given the shape of them. I love the colour and style and because they aren’t too crazy, they will go with every outfit, but in my opinion they aren’t just boring old regular sunglasses, they’re really pretty, they’re rose gold, and they are a brilliant addition to my little sunglasses collection.
The ASOS sale is so amazing right now, I picked these up for £15.50, and the full price of them is £35, I’ve got my eye on the Quay Kiss and Tell Octagon Mirror Sunglasses (£14 in the sale down from £35). Now in all honestly, I don’t think I would’ve paid £35 for these particular sunglasses, I love them and think they they’re really pretty and fun but I just don’t know if they’re worth £35. I’ll have to see how they durable they are before I can make a final decision! The Cherry Bomb sunglasses are no longer in the sale, but there are so many amazing other Quay glasses in the sale at great discounts too!

July 22, 2016

Quick Fix Products

Quick Fix Products
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