16 July 2016

Feeling Refreshed

It's been a tough week getting back to reality and back in to the swing of normal day to day life. How magical would life be it be if every day you could stroll down to the beach with an ice cream in hand, and just spend your afternoon dipping in and out of the sea to cool off and go for a swim, to then lie out and dry yourself in the gorgeous sunshine. Not a care in the world, absolute bliss! But hey if that’s what we got to do every day then I’m sure after a while it would no longer feel like a holiday (maybe). I had the most amazing time away, the South of France is a truly beautiful part of the world, and considering the flight is only around 90 minutes, it’s such a quick destination to go to. Beautiful blue waters, golden sandy beaches, the best ice cream parlours, delectable food, luxurious shopping, and plenty of rosé. What more could you want when you get to have a week off from normality!

Flying back home in to an ever so rainy London last weekend was not surprising to say the least, it was a late flight and we didn’t end up flumping in to bed until around 2am. Wishing we could've slept in and had a lazy day we unfortunately had to get right back in to our normal routine with house chores and grocery shopping...snore fest! Monday morning came around much faster than expected, my morning commute was delayed (as per), busy (as per) and a total contrast to what I was doing the previous Monday (Peanut Butter Ice Cream is totally an acceptable breakfast pre beach when you're on holiday...right?!).

Despite the ever dreaded‘going back to work’business, I'm feeling so refreshed from my week away, it was just so lovely to switch off from everything, we left our phones and electronics in our hotel safe every day, and just spent some well needed quality time together. The highlight of my week was reenacting the infamous Dirty Dancing scene, our version being in the Ocean! We laughed so much all week and from the moment our flight touched down at Nice airport, we both let out a sigh of relief, Holiday time had properly started! We also both agreed how comfortable it is when you re-visit a holiday destination frequently, this was our fourth time going away to Cannes and we love it more with every trip. To be able to clear your brain and just boost your energy, it feels amazing. Even coming back to our normal routines, as tough as it can be, we have the lovely memories from our holiday and we both are just feeling refreshed and clear headed. It's amazing what a little sun, sea and relaxation (oh and the rosé, don’t forget the rosé) can do for your mind, body and soul!

I'm feeling super positive and proactive right now and so I’m spending my weekend having a super deep clean and reorganisation of our home and building new furniture and just generally making it a happier place for us to live. We haven't had the time or energy to really give it all our since we moved in together and it's something that has always bugged me. So now we both have the motivation to pour our energy in to our home to start making it perfect for us (and the cat, can't ever forget the cat). So this is just a little reminder to you all that sometimes you really do need a break from your normal life, you really can benefit from taking some time away from whatever it is you're doing, even if just an overnight spa break or a weekend trip to visit family or friends. Sometimes we get so stuck in our own rut and routines that we forget to actually live our lives to the fullest, we only have one life and everyone needs to make more of an effort to really live it.

I hope you’ve all have a wonderful week and are looking forward to an even better weekend. Whatever it is you decide to do this weekend, make sure it’s something that makes you smile and makes you feel like you accomplished something for yourself! With the harrowing attacks that have happened this week it really is just a constant reminder of how short life can be and that you should try your best to live your life to the fullest. My heart goes out to Nice, and to Turkey.

Love, Chloe xo


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  1. It sounds like you had a great time away and that sea looks gorgeous! x



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