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July 22, 2016

Quick Fix Products

Whenever I get back from a summer holiday I always feel in need of a little extra pamper, to repair from the hot sunny climate, the salty sea and the gritty sand. As wonderful as the sun, sea and sand is when you're on holiday it doesn’t really do wonders for my skin or my hair. The day after we flew back I didn’t have the energy for a full blown pamper so I just picked up three products that I knew would work perfectly for giving my hair and skin that little extra TLC it was in need of. 

Sometimes I just can’t be bothered to spend my evenings applying product after product and rinsing hair masks out and then applying more products. After spending hours in the airport due to good old fashioned delays, ending up not getting back to my comfy bed until the early hours of Sunday morning, it’s no surprise really that I just couldn’t invest myself in a full on top to toe pamper that evening. Instead I just wanted to jump in the shower, use minimal products that would provide maximum results and then throw on a fresh pair of PJ’s and snuggle up on the sofa, cat and boyfriend in tow.

I spent the week away applying my lovely Oribe Gold Lust Hair Oil every evening after showering and it worked wonders for taming, smoothing and softening my hair, but then I’d just go and jump in the sea the following day and my hair would be salty and frizzy again. So after a week of sunshine and salty sea water, I wanted a quick deep cleansing shampoo, that would also work to tone away any brassy tones left from the sun, I used the Oribe Bright Blonde Shampoo. It’s a blue toned shampoo, I leave it on for 3-5 minutes before rinsing and it just livens up my hair colour if it’s looking a bit dull, or brassy, and removes any traces of dirt or grime that might be lingering. I’m left with super clean, super soft and shiny hair that feels stronger and looks healthier. I followed with my usual hair oil just for that added hydration.

For my body I used (with the help of my boyfriend for back application!) the Grounded Chocolate Orange Coffee Scrub. I burnt my back on the first day while we were away and its now at the crazy itchy peeling stage, having this gorgeous smelling coffee scrub rubbed in circular motions over my back was absolute heaven! Not only did it remove the dead skin but it eased the aggravation and left my skin feeling so soft. I applied the scrub all over my body but applying on my back was just the best thing ever. The smell as well is just incredible, the dark rich coffee mixed in with chocolate orange is so delicious and will leave you smelling edible!

The final product I used in my easy mini pamper is the WOW Face Mask,  it was the perfect way to inject loss moisture back in to my face and bring my skin up to top form, while I’ve got a lovely tan I want to be able to show it off with good looking skin and this face mask was the perfect way to achieve that. I put the mask on my face and just left it there to work its magic while I watched TV, and as it’s a sheet mask when it came to removing, no mess no fuss. So easy and simple to use, perfect for when you’re feeling like you’re on auto pilot!

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