15 August 2016

Origins GinZing Peel Off Face Mask | Review & First Impressions

When I first saw the Origins GinZing Peel Off Face Mask I was initially drawn in by the gorgeous orange copper metallic-esque packaging, as well as the matching formula. Then after reading in to what the mask claims to help achieve, I was even more intrigued and ready to give it ago to see if it was worth the pennies, and by pennies I mean £24 for 75ml. Not much product for a face mask if you ask me, but I was hopeful that it would be worth it anyway.

It’s a pretty messy mask to apply, it’s sticky which makes it difficult to spread around your face, and you need to layer it up to ensure you have a thick even enough coat otherwise it will be ouchy when it comes to peeling it off. I found that it would be best to work in sections to ensure I could add a layer on to sparser areas, otherwise the mask started drying and then it went all bobbly when I tried to add a bit more on top. Once the mask is on you feel like an alien, it’s such a fun mask to have on and my boyfriend couldn’t stop laughing, he put the mask on too which led to a very funny 20 minutes! This mask dries quickly and when it dries it feels like the tightest thing ever, to the point where it was painful and pinching if we moved our faces too enthusiastically! We sat and watched some TV for 20  minutes while the mask settled on our faces and worked its way around our skin, avoiding looking at each other otherwise we would crack up which caused wrinkles on the mask!

The claims from Origin are that the GinZing Peel Off Mask is an energizing peel that brightens skin and tightens pores, lifts away stubborn dead skin cells, dirt and debris to smooth and refine and boosts skin’s natural glow. If I had to rate this mask out of 10 it would get a 6 from me and a 7 from my boyfriend. Probably 40% of my negativity to this mask is the pain it caused when I had to peel it off. It was eye wateringly painful peeling it off, I tried to apply a thick layer to begin with so that it didn’t hurt when I peeled it off, I thought I was going to avoid this but alas I did not :( maybe I just didn’t apply enough, but at only 75ml a bottle, I can’t see this lasting very long when so much is apparently needed just to prevent pain! I don’t want a facemask that is going to physically hurt! Once the mask was all peeled off (it was satisfying when it peeled off in large chunks, despite the pain) I was left with a very red face, I guess all that peeling had caused the blood to rise to the surface and once my face calmed down after around 30 minutes, it was looking very fresh, clear and bright. I don’t feel like it did anything for me pore wise, or glow wise, I think it cleaned my skin really well but I just wasn’t impressed enough with this mask to justify to price (and the small quantity). Tom liked this mask because it made his skin really soft, but it actually dried out my skin on my cheeks and I was left with big dry patches which required a very heavy moisturiser to repair. It gave Tom a good clean as well, and his skin looked fresh and clear. He liked it, and I liked it, but I wouldn’t repurchase it. I would rather use the Korres Wild Rose Peeling Mask, that does all the same but actually leaves my skin super soft and radiant (It’s a more expensive product with an RRP of £26 but I found it for a bargain on Fragrance Direct recently for only £5.99!).

All in all, I like the Origins GinZing Mask, but I’ve used much better masks from the same brand, such as the 10 minute masks and the overnight ones, this one just doesn’t live up to the others. It wasn’t awful at all; it just also wasn’t fantastic. I’ll obviously keep it and use it (or Tom will use it) until it’s finished (I am not wasting £24!) but bottom line is I unfortunately would not repurchase this. I think this is going to fall in the gimmicky products category for me, it’s a beautiful looking product and its super fun with the orange metallic look, but I’d rather it looked plain and boring and just work a lot better for me!

Love, Chloe xo


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