30 October 2016

Loving New Lush Products

As soon as October arrives I immediately get ready for new Lush products, and this year did not disappoint! With adorable Halloween inspired bath bombs and bubble bars, to firework inspired bath bombs, and then the Christmas collection being released…I have been in bath heaven! Out of all the new bath products I’ve managed to try (I’m still waiting to try the Shooting Stars Bath Bomb, it’s sold out in every store I go to!) there are four that I’ve tried so far and some I have loved more than others, but some have been firm favs. The Mistletoe Bath Bomb, The Northern Lights Bath Bomb, the Pumpkin Bubble Bar and the Ruby Red Slipper Bubble Bar are the new products I’ve been trying out.
So the most appropriate for the time of year, the Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar, it’s so adorable. A super sparkly bright orange pumpkin, it’s has the most heavenly smell, slightly spicy, but so relaxing and a lovely change from the more flowery, sugary sweet bath smells. It’s hard not to use this all in one go, it isn’t the largest bubble bar but it does create a really decent amount of bubbles with every bit you break off. It turns water a deep pumpkin orange, as expected, and this packs some serious glitter (you will absolutely need to rinse out your bath afterwards).
The Ruby Red Slippers Bubble Bar is quite possibly one of the most festive smelling bath products ever, spicy and floral, it just smells like Christmas, and it’s red and very sparkly and made me far too festive for how I should be feeling in October! An intensely festive fragrance and pinky red sparkly water. As soon as I saw this I knew I had to get this, The Wizard of Oz was my favourite film as a child and this coupled with the divine scent is amazing, I’ll be sad to see this one go in a few months but it just means I need to stock up while I can!
The Northern Lights Bath Bomb, I’m sad to say that this one disappointed me. I had such high hopes, and at first it was so pretty and colourful, but then all the colours merged together and the product disintegrated and I was left with murky looking pond water in my bath tub. The smell was nice, just a bit plain, and I was very underwhelmed by it all unfortunately. The beautiful bright colours lasted for less than 5 minutes before it just all turned murky and boring. Not one I’ll be repurchasing I’m afraid. It just seems a bit odd to me that this wasn’t more exciting, it very well could be that I picked up a dud bath bomb, or I had left it too long before using, but it was very underwhelming regardless.

The Mistletoe Bath Bomb was however so delightfully festive, bright and colourful, and long lasting. Another product that made me feel far too festive, the smell was delicious, minty yet fruity and spicy, I really loved using this and will absolutely repurchase this. It turned my bath bright pink and filled the bathroom with such a gorgeously sweet, heady and floral fragrance, I just didn’t want to get out of the bath.I wasn't expecting much from this, just a nice coloured bath and a nice smell, but as soon as dropped it in my bath and the smell just filled up the room, it instantly became an all time fav. Oh that smell, I love it!

I’m already looking forward to picking up my next batch of fun bath products from Lush, I love trying out the new products as well as picking some old favourites. There’s nothing I love more than a relaxing, delectably smelling bubble bath throughout Autumn and Winter, and the addition of wonderful Lush products makes bath time even more enjoyable.

Love, Chloe xo


  1. Sparkly Pumpkin is my favourite for Halloween, I get it every year! x


    1. It's now a firm favourite of mine too! x


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