24 November 2016

Lush Bath Bomb | Shoot For The Stars

I finally got my hands on the Shoot For The Stars Bath Bomb from Lush and oh boy was it worth the wait! This is one of the nicest bath bombs I’ve ever used. From the outside look to the fragrance to the glitter to the colours, everything about this bath bomb is utter perfection and everything I love in a bath bomb. I managed to pick it up last week after endless searching and it being sold out every time I checked in store, luckily there were two left in my local store, so those two came home with me! I used one pretty much straight away and fell in to one of those deep bath experiences where you shut off from everything else and just float around in your bath in a sleep like state (obviously not asleep though as that would be dangerous!)

Bath water turns in to the deepest bluey green, mixing together with the honey scented golden stars to create an almost lagoon looking water filled bath, albeit a sparkly lagoon. Brazilian orange and bergamot oils combine to create such a heavenly fragrance that just lifts your mood and relaxes you perfectly. As the 6 golden stars dissolve around you, they leave behind the most softening and conditioning fair trade organic cocoa butter that blends in to your bath water and makes you feel as silky as a mermaid (I assume mermaids feel silky). Whenever you do decide to emerge from your own private glistening lagoon, your skin will remain so silky and conditioned and beautifully fragranced, I couldn’t stop telling my boyfriend to just touch my arm, or my leg, or my ear, and force him to comment on how soft and silky I was.

I can’t wait to use this bath bomb again, but I am no fool, I will not use my second bath bomb in haste, I must wait until I can stock up and have backups. If I could I would bathe with this product every single evening and just live in a permanent state of blissful calmness and mermaid silkiness.

Bottom line is, if like me you are a bath addict, and more specifically a bath bomb addict, this is one that you simply must try!

Love, Chloe xo


  1. This bath bomb looks so pretty and turns the water an amazing colour! I'm going to pick this up when I'm next in Lush x


  2. This is so gorgeous! I actually have this bomb, and will be using hopefully sometime soon. I did a post on the Twilight bath bomb over on my blog recently if you'd like to pop over and check that out too :)

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