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November 05, 2016

My Four Autumn Staples

Autumn is my favourite time of year for fashion and beauty, there’s nothing I love more than playing around with more darker makeup looks, throwing a big snugly coat on top of every outfit and instantly looking more put together, rocking some ankle boots and soft oversized scarfs. Autumn definitely gets the best reaction from me in terms of wardrobe choices. It’s so easy to dress at this time of year with colour palettes of black, burgundy, navy, oxblood, forest green, thrown together with a few pops of mustard yellow, it’s my favourite time of year for outfit choices. Makeup is so much more fun too, playing around with darker shades, and not having to worry about makeup melting off your face on public transport is such a bonus!

My 4 Autumn Staples that I am never without at this time of year. A big oversized scarf, ankle boots, a bold lip, and an Autumnal eye-shadow palette.

I am so pleased to have discovered my dream Autumnal eye-shadow palette, the Chanel Candeur et Experience Palette is my absolute go to and creates just the most perfect Fall eye look. The red tones all throughout this palette are so complementary to my paler complexion which makes me jump for joy, any natural tan from the Summer has now faded and I can never be bothered to fake tan when it’s cold, I’m always careful in Autumn and Winter that darker shades don’t wash me out, but this palette is so beautiful and works wonderfully with my paler complexion.

I can’t ever be without a trusty pair of ankle boots throughout Autumn and Winter. They dress up any outfit but still keep it casual, paired with a dress or jeans they make any outfit seem perfectly put together. I have a vast collection of ankle boots but all black or brown, this year I fell in love with these Oxblood Ankle Boots from Asos and I love them, the slight heel makes them so much more comfortable than flat soled shoes, and I absolutely love the colour. I also think £38 is a really reasonable price for a pair of boots, especially when I know how much wear I’m going to get out of them.

A bold lip, a beauty must have, dark berry tones taking centre stage for this time of year and my favourite right now is Love Liberty from Charlotte Tilburys Matte Revolution Range, it’s a gorgeous deep cherry red. Whether or not you’re just off to work, or a day shopping, or dinner and drinks in the evening, this lipstick works perfectly. A statement lip with an otherwise bare face for work, a dark sultry lip paired with a smoky eye look for a night out, it works perfectly either way and has been my go to recently when I’m wanting to jazz up my makeup.

Soft, snugly, oversized scarfs are my thing. I’m never without one when it’s cold. I have such a huge scarf collection, it’s a little out of hand, but I just love them so much. Autumn and Winter accessories are so much fun! Wrapping up in an oversized scarf, or draping it across your shoulders and around your coat, a scarf is just one of those items that pulls an outfit together, like a necklace does when you have a bare neck. Scarfs are an absolute in my wardrobe and a favourite of mine is an oversized tartan scarf I picked up from Zara a few years ago, it’s huge, it’s soft, it’s snugly and it’s tartan! Perfect way to add some colour to an otherwise all dark outfit, and hey, it doubles as a blanket if you’re really really cold! Similar scarf from Zara here.


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  1. I love that scarf! Zara is my favourite to get scarfs from because they're always so big and fluffy x


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